How to Earn Money Online With Clickworker and JustAnswer

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In today’s digital age, there are more opportunities than ever to earn extra income online. With just a computer and internet connection, you can find work that fits your schedule and skills. This guide covers two flexible platforms — Clickworker and JustAnswer — that enable making real money through quick online tasks.

An Introduction to Making Money Online

The internet has created new possibilities for convenient remote work. Instead of traditional 9–5 jobs, online platforms connect workers to clients worldwide needing tasks completed.

Popular ways to earn money online include:

  • Freelance services like writing, design, programming
  • Completing micro jobs and surveys
  • Selling products or services through your own website
  • Monetizing blogs or social media through ads and affiliates
  • Investing in websites or apps that generate passive revenue

With so many options, focus on opportunities that match your abilities requiring minimal upfront investment. Setting up accounts on trusted established platforms is the quickest way to get started.

Making Money With Clickworker

Clickworker is a leading online platform connecting over 11 million registered users to small digital tasks and projects. It’s open to anyone worldwide looking to earn extra money in their spare time.

Overview of Clickworker

With Clickworker, you get paid for completing micro jobs called “hits.” These simple tasks can be completed in just minutes from a laptop or smartphone.

Types of work on Clickworker include:

  • Data entry
  • Categorizing products or images
  • Transcribing audio clips
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Basic research tasks
  • Surveys
  • Testing websites or apps
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The flexible self-service model allows choosing jobs that fit your schedule. The more hits you complete, the more you earn.

Getting Started With Clickworker

Signing up is simple:

  1. Create your profile at Clickworker indicating your skills and experience.
  2. Take assessment tests if required for specific project types. Tests confirm you can complete the work accurately.
  3. Browse available jobs on the Clickworker dashboard and sign up for ones that interest you.
  4. Complete assigned tasks efficiently to specified guidelines. The more hits you work on, the faster earnings add up.
  5. Earnings are paid weekly via PayPal, with a $10 minimum payout.

Clickworker is available in over 50 countries and pays weekly in local currencies. With expertise areas ranging from writing to data entry to proofreading, there are diverse opportunities to earn as your schedule permits.

Answering Questions for Cash on JustAnswer

JustAnswer connects people seeking answers with experts in hundreds of topics. By providing knowledgeable responses, you get paid for sharing your expertise.

How JustAnswer Works

At JustAnswer, users post questions and set a price they’re willing to pay for an answer. As an expert, you can browse questions in your field and respond with advice to earn money.

The steps are:

  1. Set up your JustAnswer expert profile detailing your background and qualifications.
  2. Browse questions that fit your expertise. View the payment amount the asker has offered.
  3. Provide thoughtful, detailed answers to questions you’re confident replying to constructively.
  4. The asker rates and reviews your answer, releasing payment if satisfied.
  5. You earn commission on each accepted response based on quality. Top experts can earn over 50% of the question fee.
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Popular categories on the site range from legal and tax questions to pet health, car repairs, and home improvement. With thousands of questions asked daily, there’s ample paid opportunity for knowledgeable experts.

Tips for Success on JustAnswer

Follow these best practices to maximize your income on JustAnswer:

  • Provide prompt, courteous, and insightful responses.
  • Maintain an excellent response rate and answer frequency to boost visibility.
  • Specialize in high-demand niches like legal, medical, and tech.
  • Build your reputation through positive ratings and giveaways to attract more questions.
  • Set competitive custom price rates once established on the platform.
  • Exceed askers’ expectations with thorough, educational answers.

JustAnswer currently has over 12,000 categories, so there are diverse ways to get paid for your expertise from anywhere with an internet connection.

Start Earning Money Online Today

Platforms like Clickworker and JustAnswer make earning extra income entirely possible without commuting or restrictive schedules.

Anyone can sign up in minutes and begin completing tasks for cash rewards. While income potential varies, consistent effort on reputable sites can become a sustainable way to supplement your existing income.

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Here are some key tips to succeed:

  • Choose sites with plenty of opportunites matching your skills and interests.
  • Deliver excellent work productively to earn bonuses and repeat business.
  • Cash out earnings regularly into your PayPal account or preferred payment method.
  • Maintain a professional reputation by communicating promptly and delivering quality work.

As online platforms continue evolving, more opportunities will emerge. But getting started today on proven sites like Clickworker and JustAnswer can begin generating supplemental remote earnings immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make on Clickworker?

You can earn $10+/hr depending on your work speed and amount. Top performers make over $1,000 per month.

What skills do I need for Clickworker?

Basic computer literacy and skills like data entry, writing, transcription, web research, or translation based on the roles you pursue.

How do I get paid by Clickworker?

You’re paid weekly via PayPal whenever you hit the $10 minimum. Other payment options are also available based on your country.

What kind of questions can I answer on JustAnswer?

Any topics matching your demonstrated professional expertise levels, including legal, medical, IT, home improvement, auto repair, taxes, pets, and hundreds more categories.

How much does JustAnswer pay?

You earn 20–50% commission on each question payment, which varies but averages $15–50 per answered question depending on subject and complexity.

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