Xiaomi 13

Despite the fact that not all of the Xiaomi 12 series’ models have yet to be released, the series is performing fairly well. 

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra hasn’t yet gone on sale, but the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro have already hit the shelves. The Xiaomi 13 series, the successor to the Xiaomi 12 series, is already the subject of reports, nevertheless. The second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile SoC would be used in Xiaomi’s iterative model, claims well-known Weibo tech blogger @DCS. There are rumours that this model will most likely be a part of the  13 series as a result.

Simultaneously, the new smartphone’s screen will be significantly improved. The rear camera configuration will be more appealing. According to reports, the Xiaomi 13 will feature a new substrate 2K large screen with an ultra-narrow bezel. The “new substrate” should be the Samsung E6 luminescent material. Its blue light rate and luminous efficiency have been improved when compared to the E5. Xiaomi 12 Pro makes use of Samsung E5 luminescent material.

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Xiaomi’s 13 series is anticipated to debut in December.
The previous generation’s design cues will be carried over to the Xiaomi 13 series. In addition to having a curved screen, this premium smartphone will also include a single punch-hole display in the centre. The colour depth on this display may go up to 12. The screen now supports 4 billion colours instead of 1.07 billion, which it did with 10bit. More smoothly transitioning colours are shown on the screen.

The engineering model of this new phone reportedly contains two different types of back cover materials, according to @DCS. Both the ceramic and AG glass back models are available. This does not, however, exclude the addition of a plain leather variation in the future. After all, the Xiaomi 12 series in PU plain leather is still quite well-liked. The Xiaomi 13 series should be available before the end of this year if the normal product iteration tempo is followed.

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