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Yeah, why is the iPhone so expensive? 

I myself had this question for years.
I was very young when I came across this device, but never understood why it was that expensive, Android phones are doing equally good but are almost half the price. But still, people opt for iPhones and they are sold in large numbers.

You have this question as well, and that’s why you are here or maybe you are one of the proud owners of an iPhone and wanted to feel that pride one feels when learning something about our possessions.

Ok, Let’s find out in this article why iPhones are so expensive.

Why are iPhone prices higher than those of Android?

Many people continue to wonder why the iPhone is more expensive than the Android after a protracted war between the two operating systems. There may be a few explanations for this, which we will go into detail in this blog post.

The price of phones must take into account a number of factors. Two of the most popular mobile operating systems available today are Apple and Android. They are more expensive for a good reason, though.

When developing their products, Apple’s engineers place a high priority on producing a svelte, fashionable gadget that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Android, on the other hand, is focused on offering users affordability, convenience, and speed.

Apple develops and engineers the software in addition to designing the hardware for every phone. Apple creates and oversees the whole user experience from start to finish.

The handsets have generally been made by rival producers like Samsung, with Google’s Android operating system serving as the platform. The cost of the phone rises due to the need for greater resources to properly integrate hardware and software, which is a blatant example.

Factors that Contribute to the High Cost of the iPhone

There are several reasons why the iPhone is so expensive, and I’m trying to highlight some of the most significant ones here.

1. Software and Hardware

The bulk of us run on the Android operating system. A brand-new Android phone from any manufacturer will be a great purchase in the beginning. The speed, camera quality, and overall performance of the phone are all top-notch.

However, as long as you use the phone, the performance quality will degrade; after six to seven months, the majority of phones become slow, and the efficiency is no longer available as it was previously. When you reset your computer, it works properly and returns to being as good as new.

The key distinction between the two brands is that Apple products will work identically as long as there is no physical damage.

This is so because Apple uses top-notch components in its devices, and its hardware and software setups are some of the best out there.

2. Experimentation

Since its inception, Apple has always innovated and has not, as in the past, succumbed to the inclination of copying the work of ten other companies. Other companies have sporadically copied Apple’s inventions, as the history of the reverse technology industry shows.

Only a few years ago, no one could have predicted that a notch would be found on a smartphone. There was a lot of debate and criticism about the notch even when Apple first introduced it.

After a few months, it was found that all other companies were manufacturing phones with the same notch display, having imitated Apple’s design. This is still occurring now, and since there is no notch display, the phone is no longer visible.

This is how Apple introduces new products to the world each year. As a result, many people look forward to seeing Apple presentations all year long.

3. Safety

Apple products’ high level of security is one of the main reasons why they are so well-liked and why the iPhone is so expensive. Apple has earned the trust of its customers by maintaining a high level of security in all of its devices.

In terms of data security, who wouldn’t want their information to be protected? Stars and celebrities are frequently spotted holding iPhones. Imagine the reactions of celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez if people like you and I were so concerned about internet security.

4. iPhone Has Intelligence on Par with Computers

When the original iPhones were released, they had a small number of simple games to choose from, a poor internet connection, and a finite amount of native applications that could fit on one home screen.

When the iPhone first started doing these things, it was amazing, but a computer was still needed since it was the technical behemoth that could handle the most demanding tasks.

Because of the RAM and processing speeds included in recent iPhones, they can easily replace several entry-level and mid-level PCs.

Additionally, a lot of companies now offer iOS applications that can perform tasks that formerly needed a call or a visit to the company website.

As a result, iPhone users will be able to edit documents and spreadsheets, have conferences, and conduct financial transactions, just like they can on a PC.

In this way, live video streaming and video games are comparable. iPhone users may now play full-story games while binge-watching their favourite Netflix episodes, whereas desktop PCs and gaming consoles were once the standards. Similar to desktop computers, multitasking on iPhones has significantly advanced over time.

Since phone software recognises when an app isn’t being used and puts it to sleep to save battery life, closing programmes on a PC is no longer necessary. Now you may flip between a lot of programmes without being concerned about how long it takes for them to start.

For many people, there is little difference in the computational power of a computer and a smartphone when it comes to playing games or watching films on the internet. It all depends on which is more useful.

5. The focus is on bragging.

Yes! You read that right: the desire to be the centre of attention is now one of the reasons why all Apple products are expensive. Even Apple’s closest supporters are starting to lose sight of the wider picture as a result of the excessive attention the company has received.

People will buy Apple items regardless of whether they are excellent or terrible because there is a competition to see who has the most recent version of the company’s software.

Think about how things are in our nation: iPhone owners are regarded as prosperous. Apple has become a trillion-dollar company as a result of all of these variables, but the cost of its products has remained the same as it has always been. The iPhone’s price remains unaffordable due to all of these factors.

Is Apple more durable than Android?

In actuality, iPhones have longer life spans than Android phones. This choice was motivated by Apple’s commitment to excellence. iPhones are superior to rival smartphones in terms of durability, battery life, and customer service.

Additionally, Apple has extended the life of iPhones by delivering regular software updates. Older iPhone models could now function more effectively than before thanks to this.

A Conclusion

Due to the better level of product quality, the iPhone costs more than the Android. The quality of an Apple phone starts with its design and continues through its performance and features, such as the camera quality, battery life, and so on.

Even if this means spending more money on manufacturing costs, Apple’s design team spends a lot of time fine-tuning each component of a product to make sure it fulfils the expectations of its customers.

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