how to save mobile data
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We are constantly using smartphones throughout the day. Resulting in huge data consumption. Use these super tips to save 50% data every day.

Mobiles are used by almost everyone for almost everything. And data is used by almost every app on the phone. Data is a necessity and using it wisely is necessary.

How to save data on a phone?

Tip 1. Disable Auto Updates.

Turning off auto-updates will have significant results.

How to disable auto updates?

  • Go to the Google Play store. 
  • Click on the top right of your profile pic. 
  • Click on settings – network preferences – auto-update apps. 
  • Enable ‘Don’t auto-update apps.
This will stop the apps from updating in the background, and consuming data.
You can manually update your apps whenever you get free wifi access or if you have a daily quota left from your data package.

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Tip 2. Turn on data saver mode/low data mode

Android Phones have a data saver mode feature and iPhones have a low data mode feature. Enabling these will minimize the apps and system data consumption. This feature alone on both platforms reduces data consumption to 50%.

How to turn on data saver mode on Android Phones?

  • Go to system settings
  • Go to sim card and mobile data
  • Click on the data usage
  • Click on data saving to enable it.

How to turn on data saver mode on your iPhone?

  • Go to the settings
  • tap cellular
  • tap cellular data options
  • enable low data mode.

Tip 3. Save data while watching videos.

Videos consume data more than anything. If you check data usage in your phone setting you will see a major portion of the data is used by watching videos and youtube stands tall in this list. But youtube has a data-saving feature too.

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How to save data by watching youtube videos?

1. Go to setting in the youtube app – tap on general
– tap on limit mobile data usage.
this will stop the video from playing in HD format and will make a whopping difference in data usage.

2. Disable muted playback

3. Disable autoplay

4. When you are on a free network save videos offline

5. Use Youtube Go

How to enable a data saver on Facebook?

Facebook has a data saver option. Here’s how to enable it.

  • On the Facebook app’s top right corner click on the hamburger tab.
  • next page click on the gear tab ‘settings’.
  • on the preferences page click on ‘media’.
  • on the media page, enable ‘data saver. 

After these settings, Facebook will use 40% fewer data.
Below is Autoplay, check the box of ‘never autoplay videos.

Some people claim to have saved as much as 80% of their data with these tips.

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