A lot of people have this question about how to make money from Whatsapp. But I never thought of it, I took WhatsApp as just a messaging app and nothing more than that, until now. 

I regretted having never thought of it as a money-making app because after doing research on this, I came across at least 8 very healthy ways of making money from WhatsApp

To start with, I would say that there is no direct way of making money on WhatsApp but there are some techniques you can use and make a passive income

What are the requirements to start making money on WhatsApp?

Before we start making money here, there are certain things we need to take care of first. They are:

1. We need to have a huge contact list of people. They can be your blog readers if you are a blogger. Members of your local groups, Facebook group, telegram groups, followers on Twitter, WhatsApp groups, etc. We will need all these people on the contact list.

2. Participate in large Whatsapp groups. It should be more than just another group of random people; it should be filled with activity. The group should be having at least ten posts per day from active members who are participating.

The above two points are kind of your assets to make money from WhatsApp.

Here are the 8 ways to make money from WhatsApp

Use pay-per-click to make money on WhatsApp

Following my research, Ysense also known as ClixSense immediately rose to the top of my list of ways to monetize WhatsApp in 2022.

You might have heard of Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is an advertising measure where an advertiser is charged when someone clicks on an advertiser’s link. We can make money on WhatsApp by reversing this pattern. 

Let’s learn that here.

ClixSense is part of a network of sites that use the Paid To Click (PTC) model. It does exactly what it says: you get paid every time someone clicks on your link.

You might be thinking if it’s that easy why is everyone not doing it.

The reason behind this is most of the big internet frauds use this idea to steal from individuals. They make false promises resulting in people staying away from this kind of platform.

But Ysense is one authenticated platform and you can make money here by PTC.

You can make money on this platform by taking part in surveys, and playing games, it also pays you to watch videos.

Aside from that, you can refer contacts to ClickSense and earn a commission. that’s exactly what we are going to do with Whatsapp.

Once you create an account on the site, you will be given a unique invitation (referral) link. Copy the link and share it with your WhatsApp contacts and groups that you belong to.

How to make more money with this method?

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By referring people and completing surveys, you can boost your earnings. The majority of surveys won’t make any difference to you, but there will be some which will match your profile.

Be careful not to spam groups with links that contain false promises. Offer some value first and then links in WhatsApp groups instead of just building referral links. Avoid this at your own risk.

Avoid being greedy and joining careless groups or including strangers just for the sake of “getting the numbers.” Have a group of people around you that you can trust and who are close to you. Following the advice of a “friend” is safer than that of a total stranger.

However, once you begin making money, ySense permits you to withdraw it using Skrill.

Make money through WhatsApp Affiliate Marketing

You are paid as an affiliate marketer each time you successfully refer a paying customer to a business.

And there is a tonne of these programs available, some of which offer enormous payouts. It works best if you are a member of elite WhatsApp groups or have a focused contact list.

For example:

If you have joined several Whatsapp groups. You stand great chances of earning money through affiliate marketing. 

You just need to sign up as an affiliate to e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Almost all e-commerce sites allow you to sign up for an affiliate program. 

You can promote these products in these WhatsApp groups by posting the image and some description of the product with the affiliate link.

How to make money as an affiliate marketer via Whatsapp?

Select a specific group and chat with them on a particular subject, like clothing.

By sharing knowledge on a topic that interests the group, add value. For example, you may guide them on the newest fashion trends, and better clothing choices.

Insert your affiliate link in your post. Encourage people who are thinking of buying the designs to do so.

Be careful to mention the affiliate link in detail. I know you believe that people won’t want to buy if you tell them about it, but that is wrong. Trust is gained by honesty. Customers often buy stuff from people they trust.

Let’s assume 5 people buy from the links every day, and for every deal, you get $10, you can make $50 by just posting on your WhatsApp group, with no investments or skills required whatsoever.

But remember, don’t spam people with thousands of links, I hate seeing that myself.

One more thing, promote genuine products that the people will like, don’t just promote anything for the sake of money

Selling ​​your own products.

WhatsApp is a social platform to stay connected with your loved ones, we share stories and daily activities, similarly, we can share products to buy and sell.

Other than referring people to other sellers and their products via affiliate links we can sell our own products to them directly.

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Here’s how to do it.

Make money on WhatsApp by sending messages about your products.

Let’s understand this by an example, say you design earthen pots or any sort of craftwork.

Take close-ups and different-angle pictures of your products and post them in the groups.

But remember don’t storm the timeline spamming it.
Go slow, send some good messages with your posts, and try to be funny. Win their attention and interest in what you share.

The best way is to make your own Whatsapp groups
Invite anyone who might be interested in your products to join the group. Avoid over-promoting

Invite anyone who might be interested in your products to join the group. Once you have a sizable following, refrain from over-promoting.

Follow the marketing rule ie the 80/20 rule.

80% of the content you send out should be about developing relationships and trust with your contacts and members. 20% is left for promotion.

Here’s how to implement it.

If you are sending 3 messages every day to your Whatsapp groups
2 messages should be for building trust and relationships. they should be for the benefit of the customer and 1 message should be for promotion.

Make money on Whatsapp no affiliate and no owning products.

Some are sick of this affiliate thing and there are some who don’t own products so can they make money on WhatsApp? , yes they very well can.

Here’s how you can make money without affiliates and without owning any products.

1. Create an online store on your website or through Shopify.

2. Browse product images from nearby manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers

3. Use your WhatsApp groups and contacts to promote products

4. Take the money whenever you get an order and place an order with the provider. Allow them to deliver the goods directly to the customer. This is known as Dropshipping. 

5. Save the difference. 

Make money by promoting other businesses

Whatsapp is a social app no less than Facebook or Instagram.

If you have a sizable contact list of people who know and trust you, as well as groups. Why not get paid to introduce them to businesses?

Here’s how to do it

1. Use social media and other online communities where businesspeople meet.

2. Message the entrepreneurs saying that you can help them out by contacting 1000 people who are interested in your products on Whatsapp.

Businesses are always interested in promotions, they will definitely contact you.

But choose those products which you think your groups or contacts will be interested in so that you get good results

Use the ideas and strategy discussed earlier to promote their business.

Make money on WhatsApp downloading.

Did you know that, if people download your uploaded images, files, video games, etc on a website you make money?

Believe it or not, this happens.

The concept behind this is when someone downloads any file uploaded by you he has to take a survey or click an ad, this generates profits for these companies and you get paid.

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How to do this?

1. Choose a topic your WhatsApp group or contacts are interested in, for example, ‘images’

2. Upload your images to certain websites

3. Copy the link of your content on these sites and share it in the WhatsApp groups or contacts.

4. Every time someone downloads your content (images) from these sites you get paid.

Here are some of the sites that offer this service.

Uplod.org and Fileice.net

Blog promotion on WhatsApp

If you are a Blogger you might be knowing how hard it is to get traffic to your blog.

Because the whole purpose of blogging rests on the traffic. More traffic more money.

WhatsApp is a great source to get traffic to your blog, if you have large member groups, you gain more traffic.

Create groups or join groups who are interested in the niche your blog is in. Discuss your blog here and post links in your messages of the blog posts you have written.

Here’s an example :

1. If your blog niche is ‘Weightloss’ create or join a WhatsApp group with people interested in losing weight.

2. Post useful information and help others in their Weightloss journey. Post clips or parts of your blog post and invite people to your blog by posting the links.

3. People click on the links landing on your page and WhatsApp communities share useful information with other WhatsApp groups. They forward your posts which consist of your links, thus bringing in more traffic to your blog.

More traffic brings in more money via Adsense or other ad networks. That’s how you can make money from WhatsApp as a blogger

Make money as a customer service agent.

Billions of people are using WhatsApp to communicate. Even companies and other businesses are using WhatsApp for their business. ‘What app business app’ was started for this. This is exclusively for business.

To be frank, how do we prefer contacting our friends or businesses?

We prefer WhatsApp more than anything because it’s quick and direct.
It also feels personal, whenever a company contacts me via WhatsApp it feels more personal and important.

But still, businesses find it hard to meet the demands.
They receive thousands of texts every day making it hard for companies to address them. 

Here’s where the money is for us.

We can help them in addressing and analyzing the messages as a WhatsApp service agent

Here’s what you can do.

1. Visit a nearby e-commerce shop and explain your proposal to the owners.

2. Make sure they understand the value of having a WhatsApp Live Chat option on their checkout page.

3. Customers can then ask any queries they may have, which will lower the number of abandoned carts.

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