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Donald Trump Set to Testify in His Own $250 Million Civil Fraud Trial

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Former President Donald Trump is poised to take the witness stand in his own defense in a $250 million civil fraud trial in New York City. Trump will face questions about his wealth and business practices when he testifies in the trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The high-stakes case could threaten Trump’s business empire if he is found liable. James alleges that Trump and his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, engaged in a decade-long fraudulent scheme to enrich themselves by lying about the value of assets on annual financial statements. This allowed the Trump Organization to obtain better loan terms, insurance rates and tax breaks while boosting Trump’s reputation as a wealthy and successful businessman, James asserts.

Trump has vigorously denied any wrongdoing, blasting James as a partisan who is trying to damage him politically with a “witch hunt.” The former president’s lawyers have portrayed the financial statements as containing routine estimations rather than outright lies. They also note that lenders did their own due diligence and were not deceived.

Nonetheless, Judge Arthur Engoron issued a pretrial ruling finding Trump and his sons liable for making numerous false and misleading statements on the financial documents. While not a final verdict, this signals that the judge views the allegations seriously. The ongoing trial in New York State Supreme Court will determine whether additional violations occurred and what penalties, if any, should be imposed.

Trump’s Testimony Looms As Dramatic Climax

The prospect of Trump’s testimony has loomed over the trial since it began in October. After more than a month of listening quietly alongside his lawyers, the former president will now take center stage as the prosecution’s star witness.

According to sources, Trump spent Sunday evening prepping with his legal team for Monday’s hotly anticipated appearance. While eager to get it over with, Trump has vacillated between anger and confidence about the looming showdown. His temperament in the witness box could significantly impact the trial’s outcome.

“Trump can try to hide his wrongdoings behind taunts and threats, but we will not be bullied out of uncovering the truth,” James wrote on social media on Sunday, previewing the impending courtroom drama.

As the plaintiff’s second-to-last witness, James’ questioning will allow her to directly confront Trump about the alleged fraud after years of investigation. James plans to use Trump’s testimony to establish that he personal directed the deception in order to burnish his billionaire image and gain various advantages.

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Trump is no stranger to testimony, having sat for two depositions in this case alone. However, speaking live before a judge is different than being deposed by attorneys in a conference room. Trump must remain cool under pressure if he hopes to persuade the judge of his credibility.

Yet staying calm and controlled has not always been Trump’s strong suit in this trial. Earlier this month, he made a surprise trip to court and ended up being questioned on the witness stand by Judge Engoron himself. The judge summoned Trump after the former president made comments that Engoron believed violated his gag order. Trump claimed he was referring to his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who was testifying that day, rather than the judge’s law clerk. Yet Engoron was skeptical and ultimately fined Trump $10,000, rejecting his testimony as “hollow and untrue.”

James’ sharp questioning on Monday may provoke another angry outburst from the notoriously temperamental Trump. He has frequently attacked the attorney general throughout the long-running investigation leading up to this trial. Their exchange on the witness stand will be must-see TV as Trump finally faces his antagonist in court.

Sons’ Testimony Tees Up Trump Showdown

The testimony of Trump’s adult sons — who co-run the Trump Organization — came ahead of their father’s highly anticipated turn on the stand. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were questioned for three and two days respectively about their roles in preparing the allegedly fraudulent financial statements. They denied any intentional deception, insisting they relied in good faith on input from accountants, lawyers and other financial experts regarding valuations.

Eric Trump testified on November 4th that while he helped manage the business empire during his father’s presidency, he still leaned on professionals when reviewing documents like the statements of financial condition.

“Before even having a day in court I’m apparently guilty of fraud for relying on my accountants to do — wait for it — accounting,” Trump Jr. told reporters sarcastically after leaving the stand on November 3rd.

However, Judge Engoron was unconvinced by disclaimers on the documents warning valuations were opinion-based and liable to error. In his pretrial ruling, Engoron wrote: “Defendants’ reliance on these ‘worthless’ disclaimers is worthless.”

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The Trump sons’ testimony previewed the defense’s key arguments for when their father takes the stand: that Donald Trump was minimally involved in creating the financial statements and depended on the expertise of his employees and hired guns. Therefore, any mistakes were innocent errors not intentional lies.

However, James aims to prove otherwise by grilling Trump directly. She intends to demonstrate that Trump personally ordered the financial statement manipulations to boost his brand and prestige despite understanding the valuations were bogus.

Trump himself acknowledged the power of his brand in influencing his political ascent during a deposition in April 2023. “I became president because of the brand, ok? I became president. I think it’s the hottest brand in the world,” Trump stated, according to excerpts included in court filings.

In that deposition, Trump minimized the importance of the financial statements, pointing to disclaimers that valuations were opinion-based. He argued the “worthless” caveats shielded him from liability for any false information.

This clashes with testimony from Donald Trump Jr., who called the financial statements a useful “marketing document” for attracting investors, lenders and insurance companies. Thus, far from worthless, their accuracy was critical for conducting business successfully, according to the son.

Such contradictory statements spotlight the challenge facing Trump in convincing the judge he was out of the loop and unaware of any deception, as his sons claimed. James will press Trump hard on Monday to explain his own understanding of the financial documents’ nature and purpose.

Trump’s Business Empire Hangs In The Balance

The outcome of this trial could have far-reaching consequences for the Trump Organization if the former president is found guilty of financial fraud. Judge Engoron has already dissolved Trump’s business entities in New York due to the misconduct alleged in this case. That order is temporarily stayed pending appeal, but could be reinstated if Engoron imposes penalties after the trial’s conclusion.

James has requested Trump pay $250 million in restitution, arguing the financial statements allowed his company to unlawfully gain that amount. She also wants Trump and his children barred from serving as corporate officers or directors in New York for five years, which would severely restrict their business dealings. Banning Trump from acquiring commercial real estate or applying for bank loans during that time would deliver an additional blow.

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Trump himself has acknowledged the importance of his brand for achieving wealth and political stardom. A guilty verdict could irreparably shatter his prized image as a savvy, self-made billionaire. Lenders and partners might turn their back on the tarnished Trump name.

Conversely, Trump prevailing at trial would bolster his longstanding claims that the investigation is merely political persecution. Trump could portray complete exoneration as validation that he did nothing wrong while president. He could also leverage that narrative in a potential 2024 White House run.

But a majority of legal observers expect that the blizzard of evidence indicates Trump will face some liability. The only question is how severe the punishment will be and whether an appeal could overturn or reduce penalties later on.

In either scenario, Trump’s testimony on Monday will mark a pivotal juncture in his legal travails. His performance on the witness stand — for better or worse — may guide the ultimate conclusion of this landmark civil fraud trial. The eyes of the country will watch as Trump goes mano a mano with his chief antagonist to prove his innocence under oath.


Former President Donald Trump is slated to testify in his own defense in a $250 million civil fraud trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. James alleges Trump and his adult sons engaged in decade-long financial fraud by knowingly manipulating asset values on financial statements to gain various advantages.

Although Trump has attacked the lawsuit as a partisan witch hunt, Judge Arthur Engoron’s pretrial ruling found him liable for making numerous false claims on the documents. Trump’s testimony represents a critical opportunity to rebut allegations of personal involvement in directing the deception.

The high-profile trial could severely impact the Trump Organization if the former president is found guilty of fraud. Possible penalties include fines, business bans and forfeiture of New York company licenses. Trump’s reputation and future political prospects also hang in the balance.

All eyes will be on Trump’s demeanor on the witness stand when facing questions from his chief accuser. His composure and credibility under pressure could significantly sway the final verdict in this closely watched civil fraud trial.

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