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Why was Dominik Mysterio Booed at WWE Elimination Chamber?

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The boos rang out loud and clear as Dominik Mysterio walked down the ramp at the WWE Elimination Chamber event in Perth, Australia on February 18th. The young Superstar was met with a chorus of jeers as he entered to introduce his fellow Judgment Day members Finn Balor and Damian Priest for their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship defense.

The hostile crowd reaction shows how far Mysterio’s popularity has fallen since joining the villainous faction last year. Once a sympathetic underdog beloved by fans, the 25-year-old is now a reviled heel who draws the ire of audiences worldwide. His transition to the dark side has clearly alienated much of the WWE Universe.

Several factors contributed to the fans voicing their displeasure with Dominik in Perth. Part of it stems from his alliance with Judgment Day, who are among the top heels in WWE currently. Aligning with the likes of Balor and Priest, under the guidance of Rhea Ripley, has changed how crowds perceive Mysterio.

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The group’s vicious beatdowns and diabolical tactics have made them easy targets for boos. As a core member, Dominik is guilty by association in the eyes of the fans. His own underhanded actions since joining have also earned him the wrath of audiences.

The Perth crowd likely remembers Mysterio’s cheap shots against fan favorites Edge and Rey Mysterio, his own father. Dominik turned on the legendary luchador at SummerSlam last year, viciously assaulting him with a kendo stick. That betrayal remains fresh in the minds of WWE fans.

His controversial on-screen relationship with Rhea Ripley has further spurred boos. Their suggestive romantic antics and overt mind games have drawn heavy criticism, especially from younger viewers. While designed to generate heel heat, their risqué behavior has backfired and made Mysterio more unlikable.

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The loud boos in Perth suggest that Dominik’s actions over the past several months have irrevocably damaged his once pure babyface appeal. WWE tried positioning him early on as an underdog to root for, but his despicable conduct as part of Judgment Day have made that character arc impossible now.

Australia has always been a hot crowd, eager to voice their true feelings. The Perth fans seized the chance to share their disdain for the smug, entitled Mysterio character he portrays today. Other cities on WWE’s touring schedule will likely follow suit.

Dominik’s experience in Perth reinforces that he has established himself as one of the top villains in WWE today. The company can count on him to draw guaranteed boos moving forward. True heels are hard to come by in modern wrestling, and Mysterio has clearly embraced the role.

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While the loud negative crowd response may sting, it also cement’s the young Superstar’s status as a main event talent. WWE has succeeded in making him a loathsome antagonist who plays his part perfectly. Perth was further proof that the fans are fully invested in booing Mysterio.

So while he may long for the adulation he received early in his career, the resounding boos are a testament to how well Mysterio executes his current heel persona. The hostile reception in Australia demonstrated first-hand that WWE has a major star capable of drawing passionate reactions as the top villain on the Raw brand. The future remains bright for the 25-year-old despite the loud jeers.

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