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Bayern’s Corner Kick Conundrum: Is Joshua Kimmich Really the Answer?

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Folks, we’ve got a fascinating situation unfolding at the big Bayern Munich headquarters. It’s a clash of styles, a generational tussle, all revolving around one very important question – who gets to swing those tantalizing corners into the box?

In the red corner, we have the grizzled veteran Joshua Kimmich. A Bayern legend, a German international, a guy who’s been around the block and back. Kimmich’s corners have frustrated and delighted in equal measure over the years. Sometimes they’re pinged into the danger zone with laser-guided precision. Other times? Well, let’s just say the locals at the Paulaner Biergarten aren’t exactly quaking when one of his deliveries comes raining down.

But surely this elder statesman’s set-piece privileges are assured, right? Not so fast, meine Freunde. You see, in the opposite corner there’s a young upstart making quite the impression. Aleksandar Pavlović is the name, and this Munich native has set the Bavarian scene alight with his early career exploits.

In just his second start for the big club, against Stuttgart, Pavlović demonstrated his deadly set-piece prowess by delivering not one but two sublime dead ball situations that led directly to goals. One of those, you guessed it, was a deliciouslywhipped corner kick.

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The fans were loving it. A new hero, a fresh face, breathing life into that most keenly watched of offensive set plays. Surely this was the changing of the guard? Kimmich’s cornering days numbered as Pavlović took up the mantle?

Well, not quite. Since the German veteran’s return from injury, it’s been Kimmich reassuming his familiar role on corner-kick duty. Despite Pavlović’s heroics and the dissenting groans from the stands, the Bayern brains trust aren’t having it any other way.

The reason, you ask? Well, it’s one of those bizarre football quirks that makes you chuckle and shake your head in equal measure. Apparently, while Kimmich’s corners can go awry in the heat of battle, in training he is an absolute set-piece maestro. A dead-ball dynamo. His deliveries are so enticing, so tantalizing, that the coaches simply can’t bring themselves to drop him.

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You really can’t script this stuff. It’s like something dreamed up by the writers of a British comedy panel show. The veteran pro who’s box office on the practice ground but sometimes flunks his lines on the big stage. The young pretender waiting impatiently in the wings, corners at the ready, ready to seize his moment.

The stats, it has to be said, don’t necessarilyback up Bayern’s decision. While Kimmich is elite for shot-creating and goal-creating actions from dead balls, ranking in the 99th and 95th percentiles respectively, Pavlović’s numbers are mighty impressive too. The kid is no slouch when it comes to creating danger from set pieces.

So are the Bayern hierarchy being a tad blinkered here? Is Kimmich’s reputation and big-name status blinding them to the talent waiting in the wings? Are they backing the wrong horse based on practice ground fireworks rather than actual in-game productions?

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It’s a debate that will rumble on amongst the Bayern faithful, you can be sure of that. Fans will watch with bated breath, groaning or cheering with every corner kick, whether it finds a red shirt or clatters into Row Z.

The only certainties in this particular dead-ball drama? Bayern’s incredible luxury of having two set-piece masters on their books. And also, wherever the corners may be coming from, you can guarantee the locals will be cherishing a crisp Helles from the Paulaner brewery as those deliveries are swinging in.

Some things, like great Munich beer, are constants in this world. But as for who’ll reign supreme from corners? Kimmich or Pavlović? Well, that particular battle is just getting started, my friends. Grab your pretzels and settle in – it’s going to be quite the watch.

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