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Pi Day Delivers Piping Hot Pizza Promotions Across America

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It’s that time of year again when the mathematical constant pi (π) takes center stage, and restaurants nationwide are serving up a slew of circular food deals too good to pass up. As March 14th (or 3.14) rolls around, pizza purveyors big and small are wooing customers with deeply discounted pies in celebration of this yearly ode to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Leading the pack is Pizza Hut, dangling a buy-one-get-one-free deal on large one-topping pizzas from March 12th through the 14th. The major chain hopes the triple-day promo reels in both math enthusiasts and casual diners looking to indulge in some hot, savory circles at a bargain price.

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Not to be outdone, California Pizza Kitchen is offering rewards members a sweet deal – an original BBQ chicken, pepperoni or traditional cheese pizza for just $3.14 with any $25 dine-in purchase. The upscale pizza chain is betting on enticing its loyal following to stop in for an affordable lunchtime pi treat.

For those preferring their pies on-the-go, 7-Eleven and its subsidiaries Speedway and Stripes have you covered with any large pizza available for the eternally repeating price of $3.14 to loyalty members, limit two per day per customer. Clearly playing to the convenience crowd, the major c-store franchise is making sure no pi partisan has to go far to snag a rotating meal.

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Blaze Pizza is also getting in on the circular food frenzy by offering build-your-own 11-inch pizzas for the symbolic $3.14 at participating locations. The rapidly growing make-your-own pie chain is no doubt hoping its straightforward pi promotion drives budget-minded customization fans through its doors.

From the fast food realm, Burger King is somewhat stretching the definition by offering a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie – a layered ice cream and chocolate disc – with any $3.14 purchase as part of its breakfast deal week. For those with a sweet-circular-food-object mindset, it’s a chance to partake in the pi party on-the-cheap.

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And let’s not forget BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, which is selling dine-in customers miniature one-topping pizzas for the thematic $3.14 price. The family-friendly chain is giving its customers yet another affordable avenue to enjoying the pi-themed revelry.

So whether you’re a digits devotee or simply someone who appreciates a good deal on a handheld hot circle of deliciousness, your local pizzeria or national chain likely has a noteworthy pi-themed promotion to satisfy your circular cravings. Just be sure to grab your discounted pizza pie before the numerical novelties expire!

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