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Legendary ’60 Minutes’ Reporter Stahl Slams Jordan’s Bogus Election Claims

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In a riveting made-for-TV moment, veteran CBS News correspondent Leslie Stahl went full-throttle fact-checking mode against Republican Congressman Jim Jordan’s unsubstantiated claims about the 2020 presidential election being “stolen.”

The tense back-and-forth sparked a social media firestorm praising Stahl for not letting Jordan’s disinformation go unanswered during their “60 Minutes” interview segment that aired Sunday night.

“Leslie Stahl is a national treasure for calling out Jim Jordan’s lies to his face,” tweeted NBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough. “More journalists need to be this fearless.”

It all started when Jordan began parroting former President Donald Trump’s widely debunked conspiracy theories that widespread voter fraud cost him reelection in 2020. The Ohio lawmaker argued tech giants like Twitter and Facebook should allow users to freely spread misinformation about the election results.

“I think you let the American people respect the American people, their common sense, to figure out what’s accurate, what isn’t,” Jordan claimed.

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But the 80-year-old “60 Minutes” legend wasn’t having any of it.

“What about this idea that the 2020 election was stolen?” Stahl aggressively interjected. “You think that these companies should allow people to say that and individuals can make up their own mind?”

Jordan immediately went on the defensive, stammering: “What I’ve said is that there were concerns about the 2020 election, I think Americans agree with that.”

Not letting him off the hook, Stahl fired back with a bracing dose of reality: “No they don’t. Most people don’t question the result. That’s all I’m saying. Right?”

Suddenly turned into a deer in the headlights, Jordan could only muster up a weak retort: “You don’t think there were concerns with the 2020 election?”

The veteran newsman’s relentless truth-bombing left Jordan visibly rattled and struggling for words as he flailed to resuscitate his fraudulent election narrative.

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On Twitter, viewers were awed by Stahl’s unapologetic takedown of one of Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers in Congress.

“This is an excellent training film on how to spot someone lying. Jordan’s mannerisms scream deception,” said political analyst Amanda Carpenter. “Study this because it’s a textbook case.”

“Liars don’t want their lies removed. Profoundly simple and true,” another user commented, mocking Jordan’s stance that social media platforms shouldn’t police disinformation.

Others thought Stahl’s blunt fact-checking should serve as a wake-up call that credible journalism won’t indulge fiction or grant undeserved legitimacy to lies—no matter the public figure or political affiliation.

“This is why journalists get attacked by the pro-Trump crowd,” Wesley Millligan tweeted. “They can’t handle having their fantasies crushed by reality.”

While Trump himself has remained stalwartly defiant amid a storm of criminal investigations, his hand-picked supporters like Jordan are clearly struggling to maintain the façade now that they’re being aggressively pushed to prove their claims.

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Whether Stahl’s bruising challenge to Jordan catalyzes a more confrontational approach from media toward high-profile election deniers remains to be seen. But it undoubtedly struck a nerve with Americans exhausted by the perpetual disinformation fog enshrouding the nation’s democratic process.

At 80 years young, the no-nonsense Stahl demonstrated a fierce commitment to truth that should inspire journalists of all ages. Sometimes the most patriotic act isn’t just asking tough questions—it’s decisively exposing lies as lies and upholding reality over fantasy.

After all, as Stahl so eloquently conveyed to Jordan’s bewildered face, most Americans don’t live in the delusional realm of election fantasy that Trump’s diehard loyalists seem to inhabit. They inhabit the real world where facts still matter.

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