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Congress taunts Musk over postponed India visit, says he ‘read the writing on the wall’

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In a shock u-turn, the planet’s richest human Elon Musk has slammed the reverse gear on his proposed Indian safari. The eccentric Tesla boss was expected to break naan with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week, but now says he won’t be able to make it due to “very heavy Tesla obligations.”

The abrupt about-face has given ammo to Modi’s political foes. Jairam Ramesh from the Congress party wasted no time in roasting the delay, claiming it’s because Musk has “read the writing on the wall” that Modi’s about to get the boot.

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“It was odd @elonmusk was coming to meet an outgoing PM. He too has read the writing and decided to postpone,” Ramesh quipped on the bird app, in a thinly-veiled prediction that Modi will lose upcoming elections.

But Ramesh extended an olive branch, saying an “INDIA govt” led by the opposition would roll out thered carpet for Musk later. “We’ll promote EVs even more aggressively – I drive one myself!” he added, in a weird flex about his sustainable transport cred.

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The IT minister hit back, accusing Congress of peddling “skewed narratives.” But there’s no denying Musk’s deferral is an optics nightmare, after he’d confirmed the trip and fueled hopes of Tesla’s India entry.

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Some say the real reason is Musk couldn’t afford to miss Tesla’s earnings call next week. Others speculate he got cold feet over the controversial vehicle tax policies. Or did he just get a better offer from China?

As the subcontinent’s Musk mania turns to anger and confusion, one thing’s clear – India’s billion-plus consumers remain tantalizingly out of the maverick billionaire’s reach…for now.



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