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19 Killed in Devastating Highway Collapse in Southern China’s Guangdong

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A heart-wrenching scene of mangled cars and lives cut short unfolded in Guangdong province early Wednesday. A major highway section abruptly collapsed near the cities of Meizhou and Dabu, sending vehicles plunging into an inferno below. The devastating incident left 19 people dead according to state television CCTV.

Shocking social media videos captured the nightmarish aftermath – a raging fire consuming what remained of the collapsed highway as rescuers raced to the crumbled road. When daylight broke, the full horror was revealed – twisted metal and crushed cars in a ravine far beneath where the expressway once stretched.

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Of the 18 vehicles that plummeted in the 2:10am collapse, only a handful of occupants survived the terrifying plunge. Thirty people clung to life in hospitals, their conditions described as stable amid the chaos. But for 19 victims, help came too late on this ill-fated highway.

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The provincial government rushed nearly 500 emergency personnel to the apocalyptic scene. Rescue efforts continued as authorities launched an investigation into how such a pivotal roadway could suddenly disintegrate into rubble and flames.

The calamity compounded suffering from extreme weather pummeling the region. Over 110,000 Guangdong residents displaced by deadly flooding received more devastating news – a vital highway, expected to weather any storm, had inexplicably crumbled.

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Perplexing questions swirled as rescue teams prepped for a grim recovery amid the highway’s charred remains. Could this disaster have been averted? Tough inquiries loomed, but first came caring for the wounded and honoring the fallen.



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