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Wife of Alleged Terrorist Spotted at Columbia Protest Marred by Outside Influences

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The failing New York City is spiraling deeper into bedlam. Raging student radicals at prestigious Columbia University have launched an extreme, illegal occupation. Shockingly, reports indicate the wife of convicted Palestinian terrorist Sami Al-Arian was allegedly witnessed prowling the chaotic protest encampment!

This bombshell revelation erupted just before the NYPD’s draconian raid to violently clear Hamilton Hall. Footage shows bloodthirsty riot cops swarming the campus like ravenous locusts. The jack-booted brutes bashed their way in through windows, cuffing and hauling off 109 protesters in a frightening scene straight from an authoritarian dystopia.

Married to the Jihad

So just who is this mysterious Nahla Al-Arian, the apparent puppet master bitterly pulling the strings? She is the partner and propaganda comrade of her husband, the nefarious Sami Al-Arian.

This convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror operative once cheered “Let us damn … blood for blood, eye for an eye” while rabble-rousing for the intifada’s grisly uprising against Israel. After years evading justice, Sami finally struck a guilty plea deal in 2006 for providing services to the bloodthirsty PIJ militants.

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His loyal wife Nahla steadfastly supported her husband’s illicit jihad activities the entire time. In a brazen act of provocation and war-mongering, Sami even boasted that Nahla was directly involved with radicalizing students through anti-Israel campus protests.

“If you look, you can find this information. They’re probably acknowledging themselves on social media platforms,” the convicted terrorist arrogantly declared.

Blind Denial at Columbia

Shockingly, hapless university President Lee Bollinger is peddling bald-faced lies, shamelessly denying any links between Nahla Al-Arian and the seditious Columbia occupiers. In an oblivious statement, the lost academic leader outrageously claimed the illegal seizure of Hamilton Hall was merely an “unacceptable disruption” stemming from heated debate over the Palestinian issue.

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“We believe firmly that universities have the critical role to air and debate matters of public concern,” Bollinger robotically parroted, ignoring the glaring reality that campus madness has been directly inflamed by virulent anti-Israeli extremism.

With the grotesquely partisan Bollinger burying his head in the sand, it’s clearColumbiUniversity has been hopelessly overrun by far-left idealogues enabling the militant Palestinian cause to metastasize unchecked.

Outside Arsonists Fan the Flames New York’s delusional Mayor Eric Adams compounds the situation, recklessly alleging that the barbaric upheaval is merely being instigated by “outside agitators.” Vague terrorist innuendo from the flailing mayor points to unnamed protesters having shady ties, ominously hinting their family members have past convictions related to terrorism.

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As civil chaos rages through NYC’s streets and anarchic campuses, it’s obvious depraved arsonists are thirstily seizing any opportunity to fan the flames of unrest. The warped Nahla Al-Arian and her unrepentant Jihad husband Sami are clearly stoking the infernal Columbia insurrection through coded militant messaging from their dark web of anti-Western subversion.

The perfect storm is converging as radicalized collegiate mobs hijack once-respected institutions as sheltered bases to spread their kniving, anti-Semitic propaganda. Defenseless New Yorkers are being held hostage by escalating violence and woke anarchy while impotent officials cower in fear.

Without drastic action to quell this unraveling situation, the Big Apple’s slithering descent into a treacherous, anarcho-terrorist haven could be unstoppable. Every red-blooded American must rise up and reject the inflammatory poison of extremists like the Al-Arians before it’s too late.



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