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Dak Prescott Dodges Legal Bullet as 2017 Complaint Charges Dismissed

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In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Dallas Cowboys superstar Dak Prescott has been absolved of any wrongdoing in a 2017 sexual assault case that threatened to derail his illustrious career. The Dallas Police Department, after conducting an exhaustive investigation, found no evidence whatsoever to corroborate the scandalous allegations leveled against the quarterback, according to explosive reports from local TV station WFAA.

The salacious saga took a dark twist when it emerged that the unnamed accuser’s legal team had allegedly attempted to extort a staggering $100 million from Prescott – essentially holding his reputation for ransom in exchange for their silence about the purported assault at a Plano strip club parking lot. In a bold counter-move, the two-time Pro Bowler sued the woman for attempted extortion in early March.

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“I want to thank the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for their thorough investigation…they found nothing to support a criminal prosecution,” Prescott’s tenacious attorney Levi McCathern declared triumphantly. In an ominous warning shot, he added “We are sure that at the end of the authorities’ investigation into the extortion case, they will find the accuser and her lawyers equally as guilty as Dak is innocent.”

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The 30-year-old signal caller had vehemently denied the scurrilous claims from the outset through his legal team, who branded the accuser’s multi-million dollar shakedown demand as “extortionate.” In a previous interview, a defiant Prescott revealed his intention to donate any monetary award from the lawsuit to the Joyful Heart Foundation, which provides support for survivors of abuse and assault.

As euphoria engulfs the Lone Star state over their gridiron hero’s vindication, a palpable sense of disquiet lingers. The civil case looms large, with the shadowy specter of potential consequences awaiting the accuser and her unscrupulous legal eagles for their reprehensible actions. One thing is certain – a line has been indelibly drawn, beyond which even star athletes will not tolerate ambush tactics by ravenous bounty hunters.

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For the Cowboys faithful anxiously awaiting their leader’s return to the gridiron, this dramatic exoneration could not have come at a better time. As a weight lifts off Prescott’s shoulders, America’s Team can now set its sights on reclaiming NFL supremacy, galvanized by an emboldened franchise QB who has emerged victorious from this sordid legal quagmire.



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