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Conor McGregor’s Stern Warning to Ryan García: ‘Don’t Come Near Me’ After Doping Allegations

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All hell has broken loose after Ryan García’s doping debacle, with the notorious Conor McGregor hurling scorching insults at the disgraced young boxer. The outspoken Irishman showed no mercy in eviscerating García over his failed drug test leading up to the recent Devin Haney fight.

In an expletive-laden rant that he later scrubbed from the internet, the former UFC champ absolutely incinerated García. McGregor blasted the 25-year-old American for testing positive for ostarine – an illegal performance-enhancing substance used to boost muscle mass and strength.

“He cheated on the weight and he should be banned for life,” McGregor thundered with volcanic fury. “Don’t come near me if I see you again Ryan García. I’m really upset.”

The trash-talking MMA megastar didn’t stop there. He threatened to violently assault both García and UFC fighter Sean O’Malley, who previously popped for the same banned drug.

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“I’m going to beat you both up, if you want a pill I’ll buy you flights right now. Hotel, everything…I’m going to ride you two drug addicts and I’m going to ride you like you were ostriches,” McGregor spewed with characteristic venom.

His rant took an even darker turn as he speculated how García’s coach and father figure Devin Haney Sr. might have reacted to the doping violation. McGregor applauded the younger Haney’s “heroic” performance in the tainted fight before turning his vitriol back on García.

“If it were Haney’s father you would be dead for doing this. Crazy. What the f**k happened to you, you little fool? Focus because I’m going to crush your head with my elbows if you don’t,” the seething Irishman threatened.

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Not one to take insults lying down, García fired back at his detractor on social media. The unbeaten lightweight contender vowed to “knock out” McGregor and “break his weak ankle” if their paths ever crossed.

García also alleged the MMA star had avoided drug testing by anti-doping authorities because he himself was using performance-enhancing drugs. “You avoided being tested because you were taking steroids,” the boxer claimed.

Both men have previously been accused of doping violations during their respective combat sports careers. McGregor’s issues with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency led to delays in booking his return to the UFC after a long injury layoff.

For García, the failed test for ostarine potentially carries far more severe consequences. If his ‘B’ sample also tests positive, his huge upset win over Haney would be overturned to a no-contest result. He could also face up to a two-year suspension from boxing.

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García admitted taking contaminated dietary supplements but denied any intentional effort to cheat. However, McGregor clearly has zero sympathy for his position.

“Focus or kill yourself,” the MMA antihero barked at the beleaguered boxer, threatening further violence.

Whether this vicious war of words actually escalates into physical confrontation remains to be seen. But one thing is clear – McGregor’s white-hot rage over García’s doping scandal is burning with the intensity of a thousand suns.

As the foulmouthed former champ continues preparations for his own return to the UFC cage, he has drawn a heavy line in the sand against García. If these two powder kegs ever clash, it could spark an explosion of cataclysmic proportions.



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