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How much money does Real Madrid earn and how much does it earn as a prize for being League champion?

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Winning the title represents an economic injection for the white club through television income, but it will no longer receive the Champions League market pool.

There is no prize for winning the League. But if. We explain it. The competition regulations do not include any prize for the champion . But since the distribution of the centralized sale of television rights is applied (2015-2016 season), a quarter of the audiovisual income is distributed according to the classification in the championship. So yes: there is a prize for the League champion. About 53 million euros . Although there is another but: Madrid will not receive the award immediately, but distributed throughout this season and the following four. Just over a third, about 18.6 million, will be counted in his account for this campaign.

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How are television rights distributed in LaLiga?

To reach that figure we must explain how these television rights are distributed . According to the data released by LaLiga and corresponding to last season (2022-2023, the first of the five with the current television contract), the First Division teams shared just over 1,374.1 million euros. We will round up to 1,370 million as a reference figure.

8.5% of that amount is transferred, by legal obligation, as aid to non-professional football and other sports disciplines. We have 1,253.55 million left . Of those, 50% is distributed equally, 25% based on “social implementation” criteria (audiences, subscribers…) and another 25% based on the final classification . This last one is what concerns us. And how are these 313.4 million that we have left distributed?

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1st17%AC. €53.3 M11th2.5%€7.8M
2ndfifteen%€47M12th2.25%€7.05 M
8th3.5%€11M18th0.75%€2.35 M

The champion takes 17%, that is, they would keep 53.3 million euros . And we put it conditionally, because not only does this season count, but also the last five . 35% is distributed based on the classification of this campaign, 20% for the last one and 15% for each of the previous three. Thus, the title will contribute 18.6 million to the bill that Madrid charges this season for audiovisual rights . If LaLiga’s television revenues are maintained (current contracts go until 26-27), Madrid will earn 10.7 million in 24-25 and 8 million in each of the following three thanks to the title. In total, those 53.3 million euros distributed throughout this year and four more.

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The second, for his part, takes 15% of this part of the bag, about 47 million euros distributed over the four years. That is, the difference between being champion and finishing second is 6.3 million euros



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