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How to be a champion without a ‘9’

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Benzema left and Mbappé was scheduled for this summer. Even so, 74 goals in 34 games, a lock on their own goal and an enormous capacity for adaptation articulate the 36.

Without ‘9’ and without nine . And still, with the 36 in his pocket. Real Madrid has won the resilience championship. The League puts a good face on bad weather. Without Benzema (nor Mbappé), Bellingham was Cristiano in a volcanic outburst. Without Courtois, who returned against Cádiz as he left, with a halo (his one-on-one with Chris Ramos was the first stone of the alirón), Lunin won against Kepa the battle to be the gloves of Madrid and the League, if he had played enough. Without Militao, also signed up for the final rush , Rüdiger was more Rambothan ever… Own names, some unexpected and others not so much, sponsored by the most chameleon-like Ancelotti. Because it has been Carlo’s League.

The one from Reggiolo also redrawn Valverde, a hawk with several lungs who did not need a sharp edge to shine (one goal and seven assists). Kroos fell into the pot of eternal youth, like Carvajal at the back. Tchouameni and Camavinga were as close as enemies to anchor the engine room. And the goal, in addition to speaking English, danced samba. Vinicius and Rodrygo accelerated in 2024 to be the daggers of the decisive section and advance the alirón. Keys during 34 days with only one defeat where the refrain of ‘there is no center forward’ was soon forgotten.

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Five fanged musketeers

For the results, the best possible balm, and also for the gunpowder of Bellingham and the rest of the artificers. Jude has 18 goals in the League, but 22 in total. Vini has 21 (13), Rodry 17 (ten), Joselu 15 (9) and Brahim (6) , the hero of the alirón (museum goal and assist), closes the top ten . Five footballers above ten for the first time since 2016-17. They will not reach the seven then (Cristiano 42, Morata 20, Benzema 19, James 11, Isco 11, Asensio 10 and Sergio Ramos 10), but they can surpass triple twenty if Rodrygo hits three more blows. With changing schemes. From the initial rhombus to sections with Joselu as the buoyant man . Moments of a lot of midfielder (4-4-2) and others of BBC- style drawings (4-3-3). With Brahim being Bellingham when necessary. With the Brazilians as a two-headed dragon that overcame hurricanes of injuries (Vinicius) and droughts (Rodrygo) to sniff out the best campaign of their careers. In the league championship, as in the course, they have been the main goal scorer. Of the 78 total goals (2.3 per game), 56 goals, 71.8%, have been his.

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All for one and one for all

And both the five musketeers and the rest have sung one for all and all for one . Also Ancelotti, who showed his chest in the pre-celebration for his boys: “ I am left with everyone’s commitment. It has been easy to manage this squad, because there is a lot of commitment, little ego. They all help each other, they are friends. “It has been a fantastic League with a lot of continuity and a lot of attitude.” A sense of duty reflected in one’s own goal. Only the alternation between Kepa and Lunin has prevented the Ukrainian from placing his first Zamora in his personal showcase. Only 22 goals against in 34 duels (0.6 per night) , Athletic and its 33 conceded, are a stark distance in these matters from the defensive silver medal.

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A lock based on the sacrifice of a lung and foot engine room, of Kroos and Valverde as the visible heads of the multidisciplinary midfield, and on a giant defense back to back. “We began to defend well, better, with collective commitment. The injuries we had at the beginning of the season have helped us understand that the way to make up for it is not individuality, but the group .” Rüdiger shines there, but also laterals with flight in the opposite field (Carvajal) and brakes in their own field (Mendy). Everyone’s League. Without ‘9’ or nine , nor the one Ancelotti asked for and it wasn’t (Kane), there has also been paradise .



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