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Real Madrid Beat Bayern With Baffling Numbers and Stats That Defy Reason

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The numbers and statistics surrounding Real Madrid’s outrageous Champions League run simply make no rational sense whatsoever. Los Blancos keep scaling unprecedented heights with a perplexing nonchalance that defies all logic and calculation. An aura of mythology enshrouds their incredible achievements.

The Unlikely Hero Joselu Writes More Fairytale Folklore

Real’s latest miraculous hero is the utterly improbable Joselu. The 32-year-old journeyman Spanish striker had managed a paltry 12 career braces over his modest professional journey before last night’s seismic clash with Bayern Munich. But the universe had bigger plans. Joselu first cruelly toyed with Bayern’s hopes by giving them the lead, only to then snatch that hope away in devastating fashion by lethally striking twice more. An unheralded squad player’s 13th career brace sent the European titans shocking through to chase an inconceivable 15th Champions League coronation. The synergy of these fateful numbers simply cannot be just coincidence.

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Carlo Ancelotti – Unprecedented History-Making Colossus

Manager Carlo Ancelotti’s legendary reigns at Real have been shaped by relentless history-making. In his five all-conquering seasons at the Madrid behemoth’s helm, Los Blancos have reached at least the Champions League semifinals every single time while making three finals. Theagi suave Italian is now on the precipice of summiting a scarcely fathomable peak – winning a staggering fifth Champions League title as a manager. Combined with his two European crowns as a legendary Milan player, only his beloved Real Madrid would surpass Ancelotti’s haul of seven Champions League triumphs.

The veteran master has never lost against Bayern Munich. He snapped Thomas Tuchel’s aura of invincibility at the Bernabeu. Ancelotti has now defeated his managerial bête noire Pep Guardiola more times than any Real madrid manager in the fabled club’s existence. This mustachioed icon bestrides the world of management like a unprecedented colossus.

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Kroos Elevates to God-Like European Immortality

German maestro Toni Kroos is elevating into god-like immortality. Having already absurdly contested six Champions League finals, Kroos will now partake in his seventh career European cup finale should Real reign supreme again. He can also incredibly equal the immortal Francisco Gento’s record of six European Cup/Champions League winners’ medals adorning his neck.

Against the mighty Bayern his former employer Kroos typically bossed proceedings, conducting the cadences and tempos through his preternatural ingenuity and control. As he defiantly repels father time’s advances, the number 8’s lust for more European blasphemies appears unsatable.

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Los Blancos Serenade Their Soul’s Soundtrack

As the feverish 80,000 Ultras Surenos relentlessly serenaded their untamed, pounding soulful chant “Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas” into the sublime Madrid night sky, manager Ancelotti proudly joined them. This is his rousing rapture now, Real’s beatific communion is in his veins. The immortal club hymn was conceived to soundtrack La Decima – Ancelotti’s 10th career supremacy over Europe in 2014. Real’s electrifying apotheosis and the Italian’s intertwined, preordained European destines coruscate ever brighter.

This European goliath’s feats continue to careen wildly beyond the realms of rationality, into the intoxicating realms of the surreal and the supernatural. Somehow, the mystical physics and unknowable mythologies powering their conquests only amplifies the intrinsic indelible wonder. All we can do is breathlessly witness these incredible European blasphemies unfolding before our very eyes.



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