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Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Debut: 5 Habits She Must Break, According to Coach

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Indiana Fever’s head coach Christie Sides believes that rookie sensation Caitlin Clark needs to adjust some habits to thrive in the WNBA. Despite Clark’s impressive college career at Iowa, where she averaged 28.4 points per game, Sides emphasized that the professional game requires a different approach.

After Clark’s 12-point, 8-rebound, and 6-assist performance in an exhibition game against the Atlanta Dream, Sides highlighted areas for improvement. “I think she’s used to some shots that she’s taken in the last few years that are just those deep shots,” Sides said, referring to Clark’s tendency to attempt ambitious long-range shots.

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Sides explained that Clark needs to make quicker decisions, giving her a “rule” of 0.5 seconds to decide her next move. “When she gets off the ball and she hits somebody in the high post, she has a habit of hanging out and dancing,” Sides added, pointing out Clark’s inclination to linger after passing the ball.

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While Clark’s scoring prowess made her a standout in college, Sides believes she will have more open looks in the WNBA and needs to adjust to a different role. “It’s these habits that we’ve gotta break,” Sides emphasized, recognizing the challenges Clark faces in transitioning to the professional level.

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As the Fever prepares for their regular season opener against the Connecticut Sun on Tuesday, Sides aims to help Clark adapt her game to the WNBA’s pace and style of play. Breaking old habits and developing new ones will be crucial for Clark’s success as a rookie in the league.



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