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Bold Predictions for New York Giants’ 2024 NFL Season Unveiled

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The entire 2024 NFL regular season docket will be uncloaked on Wednesday, a yearly unveiling that captivates the masses.

While we already know the Giants’ foes (Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Minnesota, and Indianapolis at home; Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh away), the sequential ordering remains a mystery.

But the veil shall be lifted on May 15. Until then, here are three audacious prognostications about potential highlights on the Giants’ regular season slate.

Week 1 Home Opener vs Colts

Let us commence with the boldest of bold predictions for Week 1.

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Recently, the Giants have routinely opened against the Dallas Cowboys in prime time. But this season, we foresee a different opponent with deeper historical ties: the Indianapolis Colts.

As the Giants embark on their 100th season, what better way to harken back than by hosting the Colts, who edged them 23-17 in OT in the 1958 “Greatest Game Ever Played” NFL Championship?

That 1958 title game, nationally televised by NBC, was the first NFL playoff contest decided in sudden death overtime.

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Though the Giants fell short, and the Colts relocated from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984 (Baltimore later received the Ravens in 1996), the historical gravitas cannot be ignored.

And what grander stage to launch a centennial season than at home, surrounded by multi-generational season ticket holders?

Giants-Panthers in Germany

This projection seems inevitable.

The Panthers have already been tapped for a Munich, Germany showdown, while the Giants were awarded German marketing rights earlier this year.

Scheduling this Panthers “home” game in Munich is a natural convergence.

Prime Time Home Tilt vs Eagles

Many Giants fans feel betrayed by former face-of-the-franchise running back Saquon Barkley joining the hated division rival Eagles.

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Some have even lashed out at Barkley on social media, after he revealed the Giants never offered him a new deal. Most likely, after preliminary talks at the Combine, the Giants realized Barkley’s price would be too rich, opting to allocate resources toward the offensive line over a premier running back with an injury history.

So how unlikely would it be for Barkley’s “homecoming” to MetLife to bypass national television?

Highly improbable.



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