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How to Make Money on Youtube from Others Videos Very Easily

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, YouTube has emerged as a powerhouse platform that has turned countless passionate creators into online celebrities and businesses into marketing mavens. With billions of monthly users, the potential rewards for building a successful YouTube channel are staggering.

But for many aspiring YouTubers, a common roadblock arises: how can you make money on YouTube without constantly churning out your own original videos? After all, video production can be incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Fear not, because this comprehensive guide will unveil genius strategies for monetizing your YouTube channel by leveraging existing content in creative, value-adding ways. We’ll explore legal and ethical methods that empower you to build an audience, establish your brand, and ultimately, earn a lucrative income – all without the pressure of nonstop video creation.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into a world where you can turn your passion into profit by transforming, curating, and engaging with content in innovative ways that captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Understanding YouTube Monetization

Before we dive into the art of harnessing existing content, let’s quickly review the primary revenue streams available on YouTube:

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP):

To qualify for YPP and unlock monetization features like advertising revenue, channel memberships, Super Chat, and more, your channel needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past year. Once you meet these criteria, a whole new world of income opportunities opens up.

Brand Partnerships:

As your channel cultivates a dedicated audience, brands may approach you for sponsorships, product placements, or affiliate marketing deals. These partnerships can be highly lucrative and forge mutually beneficial relationships that drive revenue while exposing your content to new viewers.

Creative Ways to Leverage Existing Content

Now, let’s dive into the heart of this guide: clever methods for utilizing existing videos and content to build an engaging, money-making YouTube channel without going through the arduous process of constant video production.

The Power of Creative Commons Videos:

Creative Commons (CC) licensing allows creators to specify how their work can be used by others, opening a treasure trove of content ripe for remixing and repurposing.

Finding CC-Licensed Videos:

YouTube’s search filters make it easy to locate CC videos. Simply perform a search, click “Filter,” then select “Creative Commons” under the “Features” tab.

Understanding CC Licenses:

Not all CC licenses are alike. Some permit commercial use (allowing you to monetize), while others require attribution to the original creator. Always review the license specifics before utilizing CC content.

Transforming CC Content:

To truly make it your own, don’t just re-upload a CC video. Add unique value by editing the video with captivating intros/outros, insightful commentary, humor, animations, text overlays, and more.


  • Travel channels compile breathtaking CC clips into thematic “dream destination” videos, adding narration and editing flair.
  • Education channels re-edit complex videos into simplified, audience-friendly formats using animations and graphics.
  • Movie review channels analyze CC clips through an insightful, entertaining lens focused on their unique take.
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Reacting and Reviewing FTW:

The magic of reaction videos is undeniable – you watch (or listen to) existing content and provide your own hilarious, thought-provoking commentary.

Fair Use and Reaction Videos:

While using someone else’s content, reaction videos can fall under fair use guidelines when transforming the original work through criticism, commentary, or analysis in an entertaining way. However, it’s crucial to understand the criteria for fair use claims.

Examples of Fair Use Reaction Channels:

  • Comedy channels like YMS and CinemaSins dissect movie/TV scenes with witty roasts and takedowns.
  • Gaming giants like Markiplier amp up the excitement of gameplay footage with hilarious live reactions.
  • Music critics like TheNeedleDrop analyze new releases and music videos through an expert lens.

The key? Add significant new perspectives and commentary – don’t simply re-broadcast existing work.

Strategic playlist curation allows you to aggregate content around specific topics, providing immense viewer value through excellent organization and high-quality collections.

Building Topical Playlists:

Identify hot topics or niche interests within your chosen genre, then build playlists centered on those themes. For gaming, you could create “Most Anticipated Open-World RPGs of 2024” or “Beginner Guides to Battle Royale Games.”

Optimizing for Discovery:

Craft enticing titles, thorough descriptions, and eye-catching thumbnails for your playlists, naturally incorporating relevant keywords to boost visibility in YouTube’s search results.

While playlists themselves don’t generate direct revenue, they can significantly increase your overall watch time – a key factor in qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program’s monetization benefits.


  • Screen Rant curates playlists categorizing popular movie and TV clips by genre, character, quote, etc.
  • MrSuicideSheep offers thematic playlists covering various electronic music styles and sub-genres.

Critical Considerations

As you explore these content strategies, several crucial factors must remain top-of-mind:

Respect for copyright laws and creator rights is non-negotiable. While the methods outlined provide legal avenues for leveraging existing content, vigilantly verify licenses and fair use claims to avoid any infringement issues.

Developing Your Unique Brand:

Don’t become a faceless aggregator. Differentiate yourself by injecting your distinct personality, perspectives, and creative flair into the content to foster a loyal audience attracted to your specific content philosophy.

Quality Over Quantity:

Even when leveraging existing assets, focusproducing high-quality content through skilled editing, articulate commentary, and professional-grade audio/visuals. Polished presentation will help you stand apart.

Community Engagement:

Build a vibrant community around your channel by engaging with comments, fostering discussions, and cultivating real connections with viewers. Loyal fans are instrumental for sustainable growth.

A Step-by-Step Action Plan

Ready to transform these strategies into a concrete action plan? Here’s your step-by-step roadmap:

Choose Your Content Strategy:

Determine which approach aligns best with your skills and interests – curating playlists, reacting/reviewing, or remixing Creative Commons videos.

Define Your Niche:

Within your chosen strategy, identify a specific niche or sub-genre to concentrate your efforts. The more focused, the better you can meet that audience’s needs.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel:

Create a channel with a catchy name, unified branding elements (logos, colors, etc.), and an informative channel description that succinctly explains your concept.

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Content Research:

  • For Creative Commons, use YouTube’s filters to find appropriate source videos.
  • For reactions/reviews, carefully assess whether your intended use meets fair use criteria.
  • For playlists, research related video compilations across multiple channels.

Create Engaging Content:

Edit videos masterfully, adding your commentary, branding, animations, and effects. Don’t simply reproduce others’ work – transform it into your own cohesive experience.

Grow Your Channel:

Promote videos through social media, leverage YouTube’s browse and search features, and collaborate with relevant creators in your niche. Consistent, high-quality uploads are key.

Monetization Strategies:

Once you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, embrace revenue streams like advertising, channel memberships, Super Chats/Stickers, and brand partnerships.


Is it legal to use other people’s videos on my YouTube channel?

It depends. Creative Commons licensing and fair use laws allow certain uses of copyrighted content, but you must follow the respective guidelines. Re-uploading full videos without adding transformative value is generally not permitted. Always verify the source video’s copyright status before using any portion of it.

How much money can I actually make on YouTube without creating original videos?

There’s no set amount, as earnings depend on many factors like view counts, audience engagement, revenue sources, etc. However, many top YouTubers making six-figure incomes utilize content repurposing and curation methods. With patience and an engaged following, very healthy revenue is achievable.

Won’t re-using content hurt my channel’s views and growth?

Not if you add significant new value! Viewers crave fresh, creative perspectives. By transforming existing videos through editing, commentary, and creative reformatting, you provide an enhanced viewing experience that appeals to your target audience in unique ways.

What’s better for getting started – reaction videos or curating playlists?

Both can be viable options, so choose the approach that best aligns with your interests and creative strengths. Playlists may have a slightly lower barrier to entry, while reaction videos require more editing skill and personality. Proper channel optimization is key regardless.

How can I ensure I don’t violate copyright laws?

Thoroughly research the licensing details of any content you plan to use. Verify whether it’s permissible for commercial re-use, requires creator attribution, or falls under fair use guidelines for critique/commentary. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution or avoid that specific content.

What equipment and software do I need to get started?

At a basic level, you’ll need a camera or screencasting tools to capture video, audio recording equipment, and a video editing program. Popular free options include OBS Studio for screencasting and Shotcut for editing. As you grow, you can invest in better equipment.

Examples of Highly Successful Channels

To provide some real-world inspiration, let’s look at a few highly popular and lucrative YouTube channels that have mastered the art of leveraging existing content:

RealLifeLore: This fascinating educational channel takes existing videos and repurposes them into insightful explainer videos covering a wide range of topics like geography, history, science, and more. RealLifeLore adds its own animations, narration, graphics, and unique analysis to compiled clips.

With 6 million subscribers and many videos surpassing 1 million views, RealLifeLore likely generates substantial income through advertising revenue and YouTube Premium payouts.

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Chill Covers: This innovative music channel doesn’t create any original song recordings. Instead, Chill Covers curates playlists of popular tracks covered and re-recorded by talented YouTubers, songwriters, and musicians.

Despite using others’ musical works, they operate fully within legal parameters while cultivating over 750k subscribers. Between streaming royalties and clever merchandise integrations, Chill Covers proves the moneymaking potential.

Jawed Habib: When it comes to hair tutorials, few channels are more popular than Jawed Habib’s self-titled offering. The channel leverages existing tutorials and haircutting videos (potentially under fair use), providing Jawed’s hilarious Bollywood-inspired commentary and parody dubs.

With over 5 billion total video views from passionate fans of the distinctive comedy editing style, this channel exemplifies how adding major transformative value can create a viral sensation that drives serious income.

Advanced Tips and Growth Hacks

Supercharge your channel’s money-making potential with these expert-level tips and growth strategies:

Optimizing for the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube’s all-important algorithm loves videos that drive high watch-time and viewer engagement. Tactics like ending videos with open-ended questions, promoting your other playlists, and incorporating YouTube’s interactive cards can give you an algorithmic edge.

Repurposing Content Across Platforms

Don’t limit yourself to just YouTube – re-edit and repackage your awesome content for distribution on other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook to capture an even wider audience.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

With the right affiliate marketing approach, you can drive sales of related products/services through special tracking links to generate commission income.

Launch a Merchandise Line

As your channel’s brand and audience grows, official merchandise like t-shirts, hats, accessories, and more can become a passive revenue stream itself.

Pursue Additional Income Streams

Many top YouTubers expand into podcasting, ebooks, online courses, public speaking, and more to diversify their income beyond the YouTube platform.

Final Thoughts

The path to YouTube success doesn’t necessarily require spending countless hours creating your own original video content from scratch. In fact, ethically leveraging existing videos and third-party content can be a powerful channel growth strategy.

By curating amazing playlists, remixing Creative Commons content with your own distinctive spin, or providing insightful reactionary commentary, you can build an engaged audience, establish your unique brand voice, and ultimately start profiting from the viewership you cultivate.

The key? Always prioritize copyright compliance, focus on delivering immense value by transforming materials into fresh new experiences, and lean into your creative strengths – whether that’s editing mastery, on-camera personality, or content curation prowess.

YouTube’s ecosystem offers a phenomenal opportunity for passionate go-getters to turn their specific skills and interests into serious income – even without starting from scratch. The strategies outlined here provide the roadmap to getting started and growing a monetizable channel doing what you love.

So what are you waiting for? Define your niche, start creating amazing content using these methods, build that engaged subscriber base, and leverage YouTube’s monetization potential to start profiting from your passion. The opportunity to join the ranks of YouTube’s elite creators awaits!



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