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How to Watch the NFL’s Groundbreaking Hard Knocks Offseason Series

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The NFL’s enduring Hard Knocks docuseries is embarking on an unprecedented expansion, defying conventional boundaries.

A new incarnation of the show, titled Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants, will grace HBO’s airwaves this summer. The five-part saga will commence on July 2, unfolding every Tuesday throughout the month. Cameras have been trailing Giants General Manager Joe Schoen and his front office cohorts, chronicling the intricate tapestry of free agency, the draft, and the myriad machinations of the offseason.

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This offseason odyssey represents a distinct departure from the traditional training camp documentary series that has long been a staple of HBO’s partnership with NFL Films. The offseason realm has hitherto remained uncharted territory for Hard Knocks.

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While the announcement of the team to be featured during training camp remains shrouded in mystery, the NFL has confirmed that another in-season Hard Knocks is on the horizon. This year’s iteration will take an ambitious leap, shifting its lens from a single team to an entire division, offering a kaleidoscopic view of the gridiron gladiators’ quest for glory.

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