Rising WNBA Stars Reese and Cardoso Throw Subtle Shade at Caitlin Clark in Buzzy NBA Finals Ad

In a buzzy new NBA Finals commercial, WNBA rookies Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso took a playful swipe at their new pro teammate Caitlin Clark. The high-profile ad spot featured the LSU and South Carolina alumni making a not-so-subtle reference to Clark’s lack of an NCAA championship.

The slickly-produced commercial celebrates basketball royalty, with Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade narrating and issuing a “welcome back” to past winners. As the scene flashes to an exclusive, prestigious party, Reese and Cardoso make a crowning gesture over their heads.

“Champs only,” Reese states with a smirk as singer Queen Latifah winks conspicuously at the camera. The implication is clear – while the reigning NCAA champions Reese and Cardoso earned their invitation, Clark was uninvited after falling short in the title game against each of them.

Besides Reese and Cardoso, the only other active basketball players featured were NBA legends like Ray Allen, Isiah Thomas, and Magic Johnson. The fact that the WNBA’s high-profile rookie duo were the sole current players showcased underscores their soaring fame and buzz.

For Chicago Sky teammates Reese and Cardoso to be handpicked to promote the NBA’s marquee event is a huge accomplishment. One might have expected Clark – the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer – to receive such a spotlight if any WNBA player was involved. However, her lack of a collegiate crown likely cost her a coveted invite.

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The subtle shade continues the entertaining rivalry between three of the biggest names in women’s basketball. Though now united as WNBA teammates, Reese, Cardoso, and Clark’s longstanding competitive fire from their epic NCAA battles still lingers playfully.

While unintentional, the exclusion of Clark provided the perfect opportunity for Reese and Cardoso to get in anotherdig at their new pro teammate’s expense. Their friendly jabs and banter should be relished by fans as theNext Big Thing in the WNBA continues their longstanding back-and-forth.

The viral NBA Finals commercial perfectly encapsulates the soaring buzz around the WNBA’s fresh rookie class. As Reese and Cardoso continue stamping their star power, fans should expect more must-see moments from their compelling rivalry with Clark for years to come.

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