Caitlin Clark’s Teammate Abandons Social Media Amid Backlash Over Winless Start

The sky-high expectations heaped upon the Indiana Fever, especially after drafting collegiate legend Caitlin Clark, are an open secret. Visions of a competitive squad danced in everyone’s heads, even if pros encounter hurdles transitioning from college ball.

Make no mistake, it’s an uphill climb for this potential-laden but unpolished team. Now, four games into a winless season, the pressure has metastasized.

Caitlin Clark’s teammates are bearing the brunt more than the coaches or front office – unsurprising since they tread the hardwood. But an oddity has sprouted from this strain.

According to ESPN’s Holly Rowe, the Fever’s Aliyah Boston nuked her Twitter due to fan criticism. “They’re really feeling this early spotlight on them. Aliyah told me she had to delete Twitter from her phone, says the only ‘safe’ app is TikTok now, where it’s friendly and she can scroll past any negativity…but they’re feeling it,” Rowe wrote.

Youthful though they may be, they must wrestle with adversity. It falls to the veterans and coaches to right the ship.

Caitlin Clark Shines National Spotlight on Fever

This WNBA season, the Fever will play 36 of 40 games nationally televised – uncharted waters thanks to their rookie phenom. All that scrutiny can induce stage fright and subpar play.

Media glares burn hotter now, with winning as the sole salve. Though the press pack may not grow, notching Ws aids immeasurably.

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