Mentorship on Deck? Caitlin Clark Extends Hand to USC’s Rising Star JuJu Watkins

Caitlin Clark’s exploits on the hardwood have etched her name into the annals of college basketball lore. The Iowa Hawkeyes’ former floor general left an indelible mark, rewriting record books with her transcendent talent.

Now plying her trade in the WNBA with the Indiana Fever, Clark continues to showcase her skills, despite her team’s stuttering start to the season. While the caliber of talent surrounding her may not match her collegiate glory days, the intensity and demand of professional basketball are unparalleled.

As she navigates this new chapter, Clark seems poised to impart her wisdom upon the next generation, aiming to smooth the transition to the pro ranks – a journey she knows all too well. And when it comes to shattering records, there’s one rising star who could not only benefit from the Fever sharpshooter’s mentorship but also potentially eclipse Clark’s own NCAA all-team scoring mark.

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Juju Watkins, the USC Trojans’ scoring phenomenon, etched her name into the history books by amassing an astounding 920 points as a freshman, averaging a staggering 27.1 points per game. Clark’s record of 3,951 career points could well be in jeopardy if Watkins maintains her torrid pace.

Fate intervened when the two hoops prodigies crossed paths at the Wooden Awards at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, where Watkins was a finalist for the coveted Wooden Award trophy that ultimately went to Clark.

In a classy gesture, Clark sought out Watkins after their initial encounter, exchanging contact information with the USC coach to facilitate future conversations between the two players. A mentorship in the making, perhaps?

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