Caitlin Clark’s Unbelievable College Breakfast Routine

The transition from college to a professional career brings significant changes to an athlete’s life. Beyond the academic challenges and new responsibilities, personal habits and daily routines also evolve.

This is particularly true for Caitlin Clark, the rookie WNBA sensation. Known for her incredible performances at Iowa, Clark was drafted first overall by the Indiana Fever, and her life has since taken a new turn.

In ESPN’s recent “Full Court Press” documentary, released earlier this month, viewers get a glimpse into Clark’s life before joining the WNBA. In an interview with Hannah Bier, the documentary’s producer, she shared insights into Clark’s daily habits and routines.

Bier revealed that she often bought breakfast for Clark, and there was one thing that stood out every time. Caitlin always had the same breakfast order to kick off her day.

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What Did Caitlin Clark Eat for Breakfast?

Hannah Bier and Caitlin Clark visited a fast-food joint daily, where the former NCAA star consistently ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. But that wasn’t all. She paired it with an iced macchiato topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam from Starbucks.

It’s surprising to think that an elite athlete like Caitlin Clark would consume such a calorie-laden, sugar-rich meal every day. However, given her intense training and game schedule, she likely burned off those calories easily.

A New Chapter

As Caitlin Clark embarks on her professional journey, it remains to be seen if her diet will adapt to the rigorous demands of the WNBA. Perhaps more greens and balanced meals will become a staple in her routine as she navigates this next phase of her career.

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