Did Caitlin Clark Elbowed Chennedy Carter? Crowd Video Shows Elbow Before Flagrant Foul on Indiana’s Star

The WNBA landscape has been shaken by the intense matchup between the Indiana Fever and the Chicago Sky, with a spotlight on the controversial altercation involving Chennedy Carter and Caitlin Clark. Emerging footage suggests that the narrative may be more complex, with indications that Clark may have instigated the encounter.

Did Caitlin Clark Initiate Contact with Chennedy Carter?

“It looks like Chennedy Carter was reacting to an elbow from Caitlin Clark during the prior play,” tweeted a user who shared a crowd-sourced video showing the sequence leading up to Carter’s aggressive shove. “To clarify, I don’t justify either action, but let’s set the record straight.”

While the video does not provide a crystal-clear view of the contact, it shows Clark’s arm moving towards Carter’s face, prompting Carter’s reaction. This has fueled further debate online, especially given Clark’s prominent status.

Carter’s retaliation, however, was evident and unambiguous. The WNBA reviewed the incident and upgraded Carter’s foul to a flagrant after the game. Initially, it was called an off-the-ball foul, which resulted in a critical free throw for Clark in the Fever’s narrow victory.

Responses to the New Footage

Clark’s considerable online fanbase quickly defended her, despite the new angle revealing the initial play.

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“Boxing out. Basketball play. What she did on the other end wasn’t a basketball play. Let’s keep it real,” commented one user in response to the video.

Despite the possibility that Clark initiated the confrontation, many argued that Carter’s reaction was over the top. One commenter suggested that Clark might have been trying to provoke a reaction and succeeded.

“The second action is what gets called, which is what happened here. Caitlin knows the game and kept her composure. Carter should have done the same,” noted a fan.

By the time the game concluded, social media seemed to have formed a consensus, with limited discussion on Clark’s role in the incident. Opinions from figures like Matt Barnes, Austin Rivers, and Clark’s boyfriend added to the discourse, while Angel Reese and Carter enjoyed the attention from the incident.

As with many discussions about Clark’s budding WNBA career, the incident with Carter has sparked strong opinions on both sides, often without a full consideration of all the evidence.

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