Caitlin Clark’s Teammates Host Birthday Bash on Boat Without Her: Is She Being Sidelined?

On Monday, the Indiana Fever took a much-needed respite from their intense schedule, as several players enjoyed a day on the lake to commemorate Grace Berger’s birthday. This leisurely event followed a grueling stretch where the team played three games in just four nights.

Yet, Caitlin Clark, the rookie phenom and No. 1 overall draft pick, was noticeably absent from the lakeside celebrations. Her no-show came on the heels of her most lackluster performance as a professional player to date.

In their latest game, Clark managed to score a mere three points, converting just 1 of her 10 shots from the field. Her woes extended to the three-point range, where she sank only one of her seven attempts. She also committed three turnovers, matching her point total, which contributed to the team’s lopsided 104-68 defeat.

Despite this setback, the rest of the team appeared eager to move on from the loss, relishing their day off and looking ahead to their next matchup against the Mystics on Friday. Aliyah Boston shared snippets of the team’s festivities on her Instagram story, showcasing the cheerful mood.

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Why Was Clark Absent from the Party?

Clark’s absence from the day’s events sparked curiosity. Some speculated she might be putting in extra practice time to bounce back from her disappointing performance. Others posited she could be resting, considering the physical toll of the WNBA season. The idea that she was intentionally excluded seemed implausible, given the team’s camaraderie.

Fans and followers took to social media to speculate about Clark’s whereabouts. One comment suggested, “Caitlin is probably studying game footage,” while another speculated, “She might be recovering after a tough game.” Clearly, Clark’s absence was a hot topic.

It’s also worth noting that a few other players were missing from the lake outing, indicating that not everyone took part. Clark might have spent her day off differently or could have joined her teammates later.

As the Fever prepare for their next game, all eyes will be on how Clark rebounds from her recent struggles. The team hopes to translate their lakeside relaxation into revitalized energy and improved performance on the court.

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