Calls for Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese to Reconcile: They Could Be Great Together

Jemele Hill recently weighed in on the ongoing situation between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, suggesting that their competitive dynamic, much like the legendary rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, will be a defining aspect of their careers.

The rivalry reached new heights during the 2023 women’s national championship game, where Reese mimicked John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” gesture to taunt Clark, mirroring a gesture Clark had used earlier in the tournament. This moment significantly altered the narrative surrounding both players.

Hill proposed that Clark garners more attention in part due to her off-court presence. She also highlighted positional biases, likening it to how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is often overlooked in “GOAT” debates because of his position, suggesting Reese encounters similar challenges.

Hill’s Perspective on the Clark-Reese Rivalry

While some perceive Reese as the antagonist in Clark’s story, Hill noted that Reese has embraced this role. Yet, Hill also recalled Reese’s final college press conference, where she displayed a more reflective side.

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“Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s national championship game was the most watched men’s game ever,” Hill told TMZ Live.

“They carried their rivalry from that game into the NBA and it became iconic.

“Before crossing paths with Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark was already rapidly gaining popularity.

“But when Angel Reese performed the [you can’t see me gesture], the rivalry and the conversation about both players reached an entirely new level.

“Not only is she talented, not only is she a record breaker, not only does she have an electrifying style of play.

“But she’s also white, straight, and from Iowa. So there’s an underdog narrative at play. Her being white is significant in this country.

“It was significant for Larry Bird too! People who hadn’t seen themselves excel at such a high level from that background could now relate.”

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