Angel Reese Opens Up About Her Close Bond with Coach Kim Mulkey

Coach Kim Mulkey, known for her controversial coaching style, has recently been the subject of much speculation and discussion. In the midst of ongoing rumors and legal issues, Angel Reese has stepped forward to clarify her relationship with Mulkey.

Angel, who currently plays for the Chicago Sky, has previously acknowledged her strong connection with Mulkey, citing their shared fiery personalities as a key factor. Despite Mulkey’s sometimes controversial behavior, Angel stands by her coach, emphasizing Mulkey’s deep passion for the sport as a driving force behind her actions. Angel urges others to look beyond the surface and understand Mulkey as she does, rather than rushing to judgment.

A particularly touching moment for Angel was Mulkey’s attendance at one of her games. In a recent interview, Angel spoke about her close relationship with Mulkey, shedding light on a side of her coach that many may not see.

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Angel emphasized that, regardless of circumstances, Kim Mulkey has always been a steadfast presence in her life. Despite their limited contact due to Angel’s commitments to the WNBA, Mulkey remains a constant figure for Angel and her family. Angel’s deep appreciation for family further strengthens the bond between her and Mulkey.

Describing Mulkey as a maternal figure, Angel highlighted the coach’s care and concern for her well-being, extending beyond the basketball court.

Mulkey’s influence extends beyond just basketball. Angel spoke about Mulkey’s role as a mentor, guiding her not only in sports but also in life’s challenges. Mulkey’s support has helped Angel develop resilience and determination, shaping her into the person she is today. This nurturing relationship underscores the depth of Mulkey’s impact on Angel’s personal and professional growth.

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