Caitlin Clark’s best friend overlooks her, praises A’ja Wilson as the top leader she’s played with

Caitlin Clark’s week has been challenging, first taking a hard hit in a WNBA game and then learning she won’t be participating in the Olympics. Now, she’s facing another blow as a close friend has named someone else as the best leader she’s ever played alongside.

The Indiana Fever star is well-regarded for her leadership, consistently scoring and motivating her team even during tough times. However, this wasn’t enough to sway Kate Martin.

Martin, who became close with Clark at the Iowa Hawkeyes, has declared A’ja Wilson as the best leader she’s played with, despite having only a brief tenure with the Las Vegas Aces.

“You know I’m sitting next to the best player in the world,” Martin said, according to Summer DC. “And not only is she the best player in the world, but she’s also the best leader I’ve ever been around.”

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Fans react to Martin’s remarks

This is a significant statement, especially since many believe Clark is the best player Martin has worked with, though leadership qualities are often less visible.

Nevertheless, Wilson is a stellar performer with the Aces, averaging 28 points and 12.3 rebounds per game. However, fans took this opportunity to shift focus away from Wilson’s talent and highlight Clark instead.

“Best player, best leader,” one user posted on, formerly Twitter, with an emoji blowing its nose into a handkerchief.

“Yes Kate! Finally, you’re experiencing true greatness. What a change,” added another.

“Not Caitlin Clark though,” a third commented, more bluntly than others.

“Caitlin Clark’s sidekick, 3-year captain, Final Four contender. People often forget Kate Martin was the true leader in that Iowa locker room. She kept Caitlin grounded, addressed locker room issues, and commanded respect. She’s incredible,” a fourth concluded.

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