Why Caitlin Clark Was Left Off the Olympic Roster: Tensions with Cheryl Reeve and Veteran Players?

Cheryl Reeve, the Minnesota Lynx’s head coach and the guiding force behind this year’s women’s basketball team for the Summer Olympics, reportedly raised concerns about the WNBA’s intense focus on Caitlin Clark.

This has culminated in Clark’s omission from Reeve’s Olympic roster set for Paris in 2024.

Reeve reacted to a promotional message from the WNBA, reminding the league that it boasts many star players, not just the newest entrants from the WNBA Draft.

Was the Olympic Team Selection Equitable?

It’s still unclear how much sway Reeve had over the selection process. Many believe there was a distinct issue between Reeve and the league’s fresh faces, leading her to make decisions that might not align with the team’s best interests.

USA TODAY reported that several team veterans expressed concerns about Clark. Two seasoned U.S. basketball veterans, speaking anonymously, cited worries about how Clark’s massive fanbase might respond to her likely limited playing time on a talent-heavy roster as a significant factor in the decision-making process.

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This points to real friction between the established players and the emerging star, suggesting that this problem won’t disappear anytime soon.

Clark has drawn substantial attention since joining the WNBA, including being targeted physically by opponents on the court.

Many argue that Clark is the biggest star ever drafted into the WNBA, sparking much debate in recent months.

While there is unprecedented interest in the league due to her presence, there seems to be considerable ill-will towards Clark. If some of this animosity is indeed emanating from such a prominent coach, serious discussions about the league’s future direction are inevitable.

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