Caitlin Clark Shares Her Candid Thoughts on Dan Hurley’s Choice to Decline Lakers Offer

Upon their return to Connecticut, Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever faced difficulties, succumbing to the Connecticut Sun with a final score of 89-72. This defeat adds to Indiana’s tally of losses against the Sun this season, having previously been bested by 21 points in their season opener and narrowly losing 88-84 in Indiana.

Clark, who delivered an impressive 30-point game against the Washington Mystics the previous Friday, struggled to replicate that performance. The Sun’s robust defense restricted her to a mere 10 points. Her court time was cut to 22 minutes after she exited the game midway through the third quarter upon committing her fourth foul, and she did not return.

Following the game, Clark voiced her disappointment but couldn’t help but smile when asked about UConn men’s basketball head coach Dan Hurley’s decision to stay with the Huskies instead of taking up a head coaching role with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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“I saw that,” Clark remarked with a grin. “I mean, wow, two really great opportunities. I really respect [Hurley]. His intensity is something I admire. The way he coaches and holds his players accountable is incredible. He really maximizes their potential.”

Clark Respects Hurley’s Commitment to College Basketball

Clark’s respect for Hurley’s coaching approach is significant, especially given that players might not always immediately value such stringent accountability. However, Clark acknowledges the long-term advantages.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching them over the past couple of years, and I think it’s awesome he’s staying in college basketball,” she added. “I think he genuinely loves it and enjoys being around those young men. I’ve been a huge fan of his and his program; they’re always exciting to watch.”

Hurley’s decision to remain with UConn and pursue a third consecutive National Championship, rather than moving to the NBA, is momentous news for college basketball, a domain Caitlin Clark knows all too well.

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