Christie Sides sparks outrage among Skip Bayless and countless fans with her odd move to ‘bench’ Caitlin Clark

Skip Bayless has voiced his bewilderment at the limited court time granted to Caitlin Clark during the Indiana Fever’s matchup against the Connecticut Sun.

The WNBA newcomer clocked in just 21:58 minutes on the floor Monday night as the Fever added another loss to their rocky season.

Clark was absent for the entire fourth quarter. She started the first 5:19 minutes of the third quarter, but coach Christie Sides pulled her out, and she did not return.

She ended up with four fouls, but fans clearly anticipated she would see much more action.

Bayless baffled by Clark’s limited playtime

NBA commentator Skip Bayless was among the many who could not grasp why Sides allocated such scant minutes to Clark.

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He took to X and remarked: “It’s strange that Caitlin Clark exited mid-3rd quarter with 4 fouls and didn’t come back, even as Ct. fans chanted, ‘We want Caitlin.’ Yes, it was a blowout. And yes, Dijonai Carrington poses a tough challenge for her. But only 22 minutes, when she needs more game time? Strange.”

At the time Clark was benched by Sides, the Fever were trailing 39-65 to Connecticut, and there was a surge from the non-starters.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t sufficient, as they endured their 10th loss of the season with a 72-89 defeat, bringing their record to 3-10.

Clark is facing challenges in her inaugural WNBA season, having been excluded from Team USA’s Olympic roster, and the Fever’s performance remains lackluster.

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