Angel Reese and Kysre Gondrezick Party to Move Past Third Loss to Caitlin Clark

Chicago Sky’s Angel Reese and Kysre Gondrezick took a breather at the Lemonade Summer Smash music festival following their loss to the Indiana Fever.

Reese, who contributed an 11-point, 13-rebound effort, posted a story on Instagram showing herself and Gondrezick enjoying the event.

The game against the Fever underscored the growing rivalry between these teams, fueled by the participation of former college standouts Reese and Caitlin Clark. Clark led the Fever to triumph with a remarkable 23 points on 7-for-11 shooting, alongside eight rebounds and nine assists.

Reese has emerged as a prominent figure in the WNBA’s rookie class, which has captivated much of the league’s attention. Discussions frequently center around her, though she and Clark seem intent on focusing on their gameplay.

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Reactions from Fans

Gondrezick didn’t see action in the game against the Fever, but her attendance at the festival with Reese highlights their strong off-court camaraderie.

“Nothing wrong with unwinding after a tough game,” a fan commented.

“I’ve done the same after a rough Iowa football shutout in the Big Ten championship!”

Another fan had a different view: “This frustrates me. The entire team should be doing extra drills.”

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