Dave Portnoy Labels Angel Reese with ‘Main Character Syndrome’ Following WNBA Defeat

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy has commented on Angel Reese, asserting she exhibits “main character syndrome”.

Following another loss to Caitlin Clark in the WNBA, Portnoy was outspoken in his critique of Angel Reese. On Sunday, Reese’s Chicago Sky were defeated 91-83 by the Indiana Fever, led by Clark who scored 23 points, dished out nine assists, and grabbed eight rebounds. This loss mirrored their June 1 game, which saw Indiana edge out Chicago 71-70.

Despite Reese securing a double-double with 11 points and 13 rebounds, her performance was marred by a flagrant 1 foul for hitting Clark in the head during a drive to the basket in the third quarter. Reese’s postgame remarks only fueled the fire as she blamed the officials for biased calls.

Portnoy’s Verbal Jabs: “You’re Never Going to Be Caitlin”

In the aftermath, Jason Whitlock called Reese “delusional” and Skip Bayless hinted at her jealousy of Clark, with Portnoy adding his voice to the fray.

“Caitlin Clark shows class, while Angel Reese just throws shade,” Portnoy remarked. He captioned his X post, “Main character syndrome in full swing.”

In his video, Portnoy stated, “That’s a flagrant foul, so stop complaining, Angel Reese. You can’t play the victim. She’s got main character syndrome. You aren’t Caitlin, you’ll never be Caitlin. Just accept it.”

Rather than owning up to her mistake of striking her opponent, Reese used the postgame press conference to slam the referees. She also claimed her team was ‘playing intensely’ following their heated June 1 encounter with Clark.

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Amidst the growing criticism, Portnoy mentioned he would ‘respect it’ if Reese admitted to intentionally fouling the smaller rookie. His unfiltered rant followed his earlier unedited comments about Sunday’s game.

Portnoy’s Past Criticism: Angel Reese Labeled a “Clown”

In 2023, Portnoy had previously criticized Reese, then playing for the LSU Tigers, for taunting Clark during an NCAA Tournament game, which sparked widespread controversy. This spat amplified the public’s focus on their rivalry.

On June 1, Portnoy once again voiced his displeasure with the former LSU standout’s conduct in a fresh social media post, reacting to her bench antics during a game where Clark was harshly fouled. Check it out.

Taking to his X handle, Portnoy vented his frustration. He lambasted Reese on his official X (formerly Twitter) account, followed by 3.1 million users. The post featured a video from the game, captioned, “Didn’t catch this earlier. Angel Reese is such a clown. Yet again, she loses to Caitlin…”

Portnoy called Reese a “clown” and accused her of celebrating a blatant cheap shot as if she had just clinched a championship.

He didn’t stop there; the same day, another viral post from Portnoy on X read, “Angel Reese celebrating a clear cheap shot like she won a title. (joker emoji) Jealousy is a disease.”

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