Concerns Arise Over Angel Reese’s Mental Health Following Candid Interview: “I Don’t Trust the Media”

Chicago Sky newcomer Angel Reese recently gave an interview to Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times that has sparked concerns about her mental health during her inaugural WNBA season. Reese appeared hesitant throughout the conversation, offering terse and guarded responses, as Greenberg observed.

In the discussion, Reese voiced her skepticism about the press, saying, “I know how you all like to twist my words, so I’m keeping it short and sweet. I can’t trust any of you. Just letting you know—short and sweet.” Her remarks underscore her wariness towards the media and the fear of her words being misconstrued.

Greenberg also sought the perspective of Chicago Sky’s head coach Teresa Weatherspoon on Reese’s attitude. Weatherspoon acknowledged the hurdles Reese might be confronting: “I think we sometimes overlook the athlete’s perspective…it’s like every time she speaks, there’s criticism. There’s always something wrong with what she says or does.” Weatherspoon’s insights highlight the intense scrutiny and pressure Reese may be enduring as a WNBA rookie.

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However, despite the concerns from Reese’s interview, Weatherspoon assured that Reese is holding up well, stressing: “She’s fine. She’s going to be fine. I mean, she’s fine.”

Chicago Sky Coach Teresa Weatherspoon Backs Angel Reese

The article has ignited a surge of empathy and support from WNBA fans. One fan shared: “This really hit me hard. I hope Angel is truly okay.” Another fan pointed out the lack of empathy towards Reese, noting: “People don’t realize that the treatment she’s receiving can push someone to their limits. And many people have no empathy for her at all. Praying for her.”

Reese’s evident reluctance to engage with the media might be rooted in the backlash she has faced over her actions and statements during games.

Her current struggles highlight the immense pressures athletes face under the public eye and underscore the critical need to support their mental well-being as they navigate their careers.

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