Angel Reese Accused of Flouting Basketball Rules… and Refs Overlooked Her Fouls

In a recent WNBA match, Angel Reese seemingly committed several violations unnoticed by referees, raising questions about her game understanding and the league’s officiating standards.

During the third quarter of the Chicago Sky’s 83-72 triumph over the Dallas Wings, Reese intercepted a pass, leading to a series of controversial plays.

The ex-LSU standout appeared to double dribble twice, carry the ball, and likely travel. However, no infractions were called, as reported by Outkick.

The NBA has also faced similar criticism for poor officiating, with Luka Doncic often cited for traveling that goes unpunished as he draws shooting fouls.

In contrast, Reese drove down the court for a layup, avoiding a travel call and retaining possession of the ball.

WNBA’s Persistent Officiating Woes

The WNBA is infamous for its officiating issues, and this game added more fuel to the ongoing debate about referee quality.

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This season has been rife with officiating controversies. Caitlin Clark has frequently been fouled without calls, Kelsey Plum suffered a significant hit without a foul being awarded, and now Reese’s multiple violations went unnoticed by referees.

Despite Reese’s apparent rule-breaking, the non-call on Kelsey Plum stands out as especially baffling. She was nearly dragged across the court with no intervention from the refs.

The instances of poor officiating are accumulating. The WNBA’s officiating standards need substantial improvement. As the league garners more attention, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the referees’ shortcomings are being exposed more and more.

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