Why are Caitlin Clark’s representatives being targeted by Ice Cube?

Ice Cube, the mastermind behind Big3, has been outspoken about his belief that Caitlin Clark’s representatives were instrumental in blocking the Indiana Fever rookie from joining his prominent 3-on-3 league. As Clark transitioned from collegiate basketball to the professional realm, Ice Cube put forth a lucrative $5 million-per-year proposal to lure the skilled shooter into his league.

The proposed agreement spanned two years, with Clark standing to potentially earn $10 million. Despite these efforts, Ice Cube’s team encountered significant hurdles in securing Clark for the Big3.

Ice Cube has consistently pointed to Clark’s representatives, insinuating they were the ones hindering the potential deal. He voiced his frustration, suggesting the representatives were “blocking the opportunity” and showed little interest in discussions. During an appearance on The OG’s Podcast with Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller, Ice Cube reiterated his perspective:

“We feel her representatives blocked the opportunity somewhat. We never had the chance to actually converse with her or her family. In our view, the agents didn’t want to make it happen. They profit off NBA players, not WNBA players,” Cube stated.

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Ice Cube accuses representatives of sabotaging Clark’s $5M-per-year Big3 deal

Ice Cube underscored the lost chance for Caitlin Clark, highlighting the significant earnings and pioneering opportunity. He elaborated, “We offered her $5 million for two years, so she would’ve earned $10 million, along with some equity here and there, but we knew it was a big leap.”

Ice Cube also emphasized the potential impact of Clark competing at a professional level with male athletes, suggesting it could challenge perceptions and broaden perspectives, regardless of the results.

Ice Cube’s disappointment was palpable as he reflected on the situation, asserting his confidence in Clark’s capabilities and her potential to excel in a league primarily featuring male players. Despite the setback, Ice Cube stood firm in his conviction that Clark’s representatives played a crucial role in thwarting her chance to join Big3.

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