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Lose Your Keys No More! Apple AirTags on Sale for Just $21 (Amazon Spring Sale)

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For anyone prone to misplacing essential items like keys, wallets or bags, a limited-time sale on Apple’s AirTag trackers could be a life-changing solution. Amazon’s “Big Spring Sale” has dropped the price of a 4-pack of AirTags to just $83 – a $16 discount that brings the cost of each tracker down to around $21. BUY NOW

The tiny disc-shaped AirTags, which seamlessly integrate with Apple’s FindMy app, have been making waves since their 2021 launch as one of the most user-friendly and capable item trackers on the market. This sale makes them even more accessible to the forgetful or disorganized among us.

“I used to waste so much time every morning tearing the house apart looking for my keys or wallet,” said Marie Gonzalez, a working mother of three in Brooklyn. “Getting AirTags has been a game-changer. Now I can just open the FindMy app and locate whatever I’ve misplaced in seconds.”

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The process is indeed seamless. Simply bring the AirTag near your iPhone and it will pair and connect to your iCloud account with just a tap. From there, you can assign it to a specific item like keys, a purse, or even a bicycle.

If the tagged item goes missing in your home, the FindMy app can force the AirTag to emit a loud chirping sound to help you locate it. If it’s farther away, the app will show you its last known location on a map.

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But AirTags’ most impressive capability comes from being part of the FindMy network – arguably the world’s largest crowd-sourced lost and found network. If your AirTag is detected by any other Apple device out in the world, its up-to-date location is securely relayed back to you, potentially allowing you to track down an item even if it was lost or stolen miles away.

“A friend had his backpack stolen with an AirTag inside, and he was actually able to follow its movement to an apartment building and get police involved to retrieve it,” said Jenna Woloshin, a student at NYU. “I was pretty amazed by that.”

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Of course, dependable item tracking requires keeping the AirTag batteries fresh – something made easier by Amazon’s bundle including a year’s worth of replacements. The water and dust resistant design means they can also be attached to items used outdoors without worry.

With the combination of user-friendly technology, crowd-sourced finding capability, and this newly reduced pricing, Apple’s AirTags are shaping up to be the most viable solution yet for eliminating that panic of misplaced essentials. For the disorganized or forgetful, this could be the sale that finally helps solve those problems for good.

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