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NFL Draft: Top 10 Prospects Remaining for Raiders’ 112th Selection

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In the waning hours of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders find themselves on the precipice of a pivotal decision with the 112th overall pick in the fourth round. A tantalizing array of prospects remains untapped, each with their own unique skillsets and trajectories, leaving the Raiders’ war room abuzz with anticipation.

Among the most alluring options is Spencer Rattler, the South Carolina quarterback whose meteoric rise seemed destined for the draft’s opening stanza. Yet, in a twist of fate that has left scouts scratching their heads, Rattler has inexplicably tumbled down the board, presenting the Raiders with a tantalizing opportunity. The analysts at Bleacher Report are effusive in their praise, deeming Rattler’s arm talent “too enticing to pass up for too long.” A rare blend of flexibility, arm strength, and pinpoint accuracy, coupled with an aggressive mindset that could elevate him to difference-maker status at the professional level.

Not to be overlooked is Michael Pratt, the Tulane gunslinger whose prolific collegiate exploits have left an indelible mark on the scouting landscape. Amassing a staggering 9,600 passing yards and 90 touchdowns through the air, Pratt’s prowess is further augmented by his mobility, which saw him accumulate nearly 1,150 yards and 28 scores on the ground. Bleacher Report extols Pratt’s toughness and aggressive mentality as the bedrock of his game, a fearless gunslinger undaunted by the prospect of taking hits to deliver strikes with unerring accuracy.

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Should the Raiders opt to fortify their backfield, Audric Estime, the Notre Dame running back, looms as an enticing option. While his underwhelming 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine may raise eyebrows, Estime’s production at Notre Dame cannot be dismissed, averaging a scintillating 6.4 yards per carry and a stout 4.27 yards after first contact, per Pro Football Focus (PFF). His prowess as a pass protector and sure-handed receiving threat only amplify his appeal.

In the defensive backfield, two towering cornerbacks have emerged as potential targets for the Raiders: Khyree Jackson from Oregon and Cam Hart from Florida State. Jackson, a physical marvel at nearly 6-foot-4 with nearly 33-inch arms, boasts an enticing amalgam of length and speed, clocking a blistering 4.5-second 40-yard dash. Despite being a one-year starter after transferring from Alabama’s vaunted secondary, Jackson showcased a proclivity for playmaking with three interceptions and eight pass breakups last season, per PFF.

Hart, another imposing figure at 6-foot-3 with 33-inch arms, may lack the gaudy ball production of his counterpart, with a mere two pass breakups and no interceptions last year. However, his ability to limit opposing receivers to a paltry 137 receiving yards, according to PFF, is a testament to his lockdown coverage skills.

If the Raiders opt to reinforce their linebacking corps, Jeremiah Trotter Jr. from Clemson could prove to be an irresistible value in the fourth round. While the team may not have an immediate need at the position, Trotter’s upside could be too alluring to bypass, especially with Robert Spillane and Divine Deablo entering the final year of their respective contracts. Trotter has consistently posted impressive coverage grades from PFF over the past two seasons, showcasing an innate ability to impact the passing game.

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Another intriguing linebacker prospect is Cedric Gray from North Carolina. Gray’s rare blend of size (6-foot-2, 234 pounds) and athleticism, coupled with his prolific tackle production, make him a compelling option. Over the last three years, he has amassed a staggering 143 defensive stops (tackles resulting in a failure for the offense), per PFF, a statistic that underscores his impact.

For those seeking an old-school, hard-nosed linebacker cut from the cloth of a bygone era, Tommy Eichenberg from Ohio State could be the answer. Eichenberg’s toughness and relentless motor are the stuff of legend, evidenced by his willingness to play with two broken hands at the end of the 2022 season. While he may have limitations in coverage, his prowess as a run defender and his remarkably low missed tackle rate of 8.7 percent last season, according to PFF, make him an attractive prospect.

If the Raiders are inclined to bolster their pass rush, Austin Booker from Kansas could be a luxury pick of the highest order. Despite limited playing time and a mere one start in his collegiate career, Booker’s tape is a masterclass in disruption, showcasing a diverse array of pass rush moves that leave opposing linemen grasping at air. He logged a staggering 38 pressures on a mere 237 pass-rush snaps last season, per PFF, and boasts nearly 34-inch arms that could wreak havoc in the trenches.

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Another versatile defensive line prospect that has piqued the interest of scouts is Brandon Dorlus from Oregon. Dorlus has experience playing up and down the defensive line, consistently producing as both a disruptive pass rusher and an immovable object against the run over the last three years. According to PFF, he has recorded over 40 pressures and maintained run defense grades just below or above the lofty 73.0 threshold during that span, a testament to his well-rounded skill set.

As the Raiders prepare to put the finishing touches on their 2024 draft class, they find themselves at a crossroads, a smorgasbord of tantalizing prospects beckoning. Whether they opt for a quarterback with limitless upside, a dynamic running back, a lockdown cornerback, a thumping linebacker, or a disruptive force along the trenches, the Raiders have an opportunity to unearth a gem on Day 3 of the draft, a player who could elevate their roster to new heights in the unforgiving crucible of the NFL.



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