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Shohei Ohtani Stuns Baseball World With Record $700 Million Deal With Dodgers

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In a move that rocked the baseball world, Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani has agreed to a landmark 10-year, $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal shatters records, making Ohtani the highest paid player in baseball history.

Known for his incredible two-way talents as both an elite pitcher and slugger, Ohtani’s decision culminates the most anticipated free agency in recent sports history. With his unique skillset allowing him to dominate games in multiple ways, Ohtani has rapidly emerged as MLB’s brightest star and top draw. His shock move across town from the Los Angeles Angels caps a chaotic final 48 hours of negotiations.

Breaking The Bank For A Unicorn

Ohtani’s staggering contract more than doubles the previous high for a free agent deal in American pro sports. The record $426.5 million 10-year contract signed by Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson now pales in comparison.

In handing Ohtani a $700 million windfall, the deep-pocketed Dodgers are acquiring a box office behemoth and certified superstar still in his prime at age 29. Although lengthy mega-deals for aging players often prove poor investments, Los Angeles is betting heavily Ohtani’s talents and marketing cachet will fuel substantial financial returns. Their trust in his sustained excellence and dual-threat abilities led to an eye-watering offer that blew rivals out of the water.

With stars like Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman already onboard, the Dodgers have amplified their standing as MLB’s premier franchise. Their ability to leverage Ohtani’s crossover celebrity status and build a global brand around him outweighs lingering durability concerns over his surgically repaired elbow. In securing the sport’s most unique and decorated game-changer, the free-spending Dodgers have constructed a potential juggernaut that could dominate baseball for years to come.

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Chaos Precedes Landmark Deal

In the 48 hours preceding Ohtani’s Instagram announcement that he had chosen the Dodgers, conflicting reports created chaos as his intentions remained closely guarded. Various outlets wrongly suggested Ohtani had agreed to terms with the Toronto Blue Jays and was even traveling to Canada to finalize the pact.

The eventual revelation of businessman Robert Herjavec emerging from a plane purportedly transporting Ohtani left Blue Jays supporters crestfallen. But the stunning developments kept coming, right until Ohtani himself confirmed his move to the Dodgers at 3:03 PM ET Saturday.

With MLB’s hottest free agent off the market after weeks of fevered speculation over his destination, the Dodgers were able to fend off the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and other big-market suitors. Their willingness to shatter spending records proved the difference in luring Ohtani back to the city where he first made his name in the majors with the Angels. But now he will be anchoring the lineup of an even more decorated franchise boasting seemingly unlimited resources.

Present Day Value Lower Than $700 Million

Despite the astronomical $700 million figure attached to Ohtani’s megadeal, analysis shows the actual present day value of the contract will be substantially less due to several years of deferred payments. With specifics yet to emerge over what proportion of earnings will be deferred and for how long, estimates peg the deal’s current annual luxury tax number at $40-50 million.

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By agreeing to staggered later payments in exchange for more money upfront, Ohtani will help the Dodgers manipulate MLB’s competitive balance tax penalty formula in their favor. As teams are charged based on average annual contract value for tax purposes, backloaded deals with deferred money allow more present day flexibility. The creative structure here should give the Dodgers ample room to supplement their roster with additional stars immediately.

Potential To Cement Team’s Standing In Japan

In securing Ohtani’s services, an already globally dominant Dodgers brand seems primed to expand its immense reach even further. Specifically, the club’s ties to Japanese baseball appear set to deepen dramatically with Japan’s biggest icon headlining the team.

Ohtani’s popularity back home cannot be overstated, as evidenced by breathless NPB media coverage of his free agency saga. With his megadeal and the gravitas he carries, more emerging Japanese talents following in Ohtani’s footsteps seem likely to view Los Angeles as their optimal MLB landing spot.

Following the trail blazed by Hideo Nomo in the 1990s, the Dodgers have arguably superseded the Yankees as Japanese players’ preferred American franchise. The combination of Ohtani teaming up with other NPB standouts like Yoshinobu Yamamoto could soon cement them as Japanese baseball’s undisputed U.S. home. Roki Sasaki, Munetaka Murakami and more budding Japanese phenoms now have added incentive to vie for a future Dodgers roster spot.

Unique Talents Prove Value Beyond Contract

What makes Ohtani truly one-of-a-kind is his ability to dominate as both a hitter and ace starting pitcher simultaneously. Manager after manager has described Ohtani as “two players in one” – his value reflected in essentially filling two crucial roster spots.

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In 2022, Ohtani posted both a .965 OPS with 34 HRs at the plate and a 2.33 ERA with 219 strikeouts as a pitcher. Despite elbow surgery keeping him off the mound until 2024, the ability to plug him in the lineup almost makes up for that missed year. If his damaged elbow ligament holds up over time, he may continue unleashing 100 MPH fastballs alongside 40-homer power to awe-inspiring effect for years to come.

Those hoping Ohtani will fall short of productivity projections as his contract ages would be betting against unprecedented athletic brilliance. His MVP trophies, impeccable performance metrics, and sheer mastery of baseball’s hardest skills solidify him as an ultra-versatile force warranting a record-shattering deal.


In signing Ohtani to a mind-bending 10-year, $700 million contract laced with deferred money, the Dodgers have pulled off the heist of this MLB offseason. Luring away Japanese baseball’s brightest supernova in his prime while likely still ducking under the competitive balance tax line is a considerable coup. It immediately burnishes an organization already festooned with talent and resources.

With Ohtani defecting from their inter-city rivals, the Dodgers have established themselves as baseball’s undisputed financial goliath willing to do whatever it takes. Their enviable combination of deep pockets, shrewd management and a glut of superstars looks set to yield even more accolades.

So while the numbers attached to Ohtani’s deal rightfully boggle the mind, it is the endless possibilities now unlocked that spark the imagination.



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