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Will Toxic Meghan Markle Nix Prince Harry’s Reunion With King Charles?

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As the red-hot reunion everyone’s buzzing about nears, will the Duke of Sussex actually ditch the homecoming over his dubious duchess? Or can Harry and Charles finally make peace?

With Prince Harry set to swing back to the UK next week for the Invictus Games’ 10th anniversary, royals rapters are going wild over whether the much-anticipated father-son get-together will actually happen. All signs point to yes – but there’s one major wildcard who could blow up the whole shebang.

That wildcard’s name? Meghan Markle, the former actress-turned-royal rebel that many condemn as the driving force in ousting Harry from The Firm’s inner circle.

“Harry will undoubtedly look forward to seeing his father, but Meghan is toxic and would overshadow the event,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams bluntly stated to The Sun. He speculated that Harry’s ├╝ber-controversial wife will likely sit this one out due to the intense “hostility towards her” in the UK.

After years of dropping bombshell truth-bombs about the royals’ alleged racism, emotional cruelty, and even planted negative press leaks about her, it’s no surprise that Meghan’s popularity has plunged to subzero levels among the British public. Hell hath no fury like a nation of scorn royalists!

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Potential For Royal Rapprochement?

So if the Duchess of Difficulty actually stays home, could this pave the way for father and son to finally squash the royal beef? For years, hurt feelings and ugly accusations have torn Harry and Charles apart following Megxit – the couple’s shocking exit from frontline royal duties to pursue cheesy showbiz gigs like their Netflix shocku-series.

Despite the bad blood, sources insist Charles has always “left the door open” for his younger son to return to the royal fold. And Harry will undoubtedly want to take the king up on that offer after receiving a frosty farewell reception at previous family events like the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last June.

But repairing those frayed familial ties won’t be easy. After years of heavy-hitting bombshell allegations from the Sussexes against The Firm, Fitzwilliams emphasized that Harry and Meghan have “a long way to go” if they want to regain trust. And the harsh reality is that the palace simply “doesn’t trust” the unrepentant renegades right now – especially the ex-cable actress once widely beloved in Britain.

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Overlapping Royal Engagements?

Potentially complicating any would-be royal rapprochement, the king could have another major event on his schedule that day – the annual Buckingham Palace Garden Party from 3pm to 6pm on May 8th. With Harry’s Invictus service taking place from 5pm to 6:30pm that evening, could the pair’s schedules clash for an accidental run-in?

Palace sources remainmum on whether Charles’ attendance is confirmed. But the speculation is certainly swirling that father and son could finally reunite, however briefly. Talk about ratcheting up the tension to almighty levels!

It remains to be seen whether the estranged relatives can actually make meaningful progress towards reconciliation during Harry’s fleeting visit. His brother William is said to maintain a particularly “deep rift” over all the accusations leveled by the Sussexes – one that may take much longer to mend according to Fitzwilliams.

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The last time the once-inseparable siblings publicly reunited was back in September 2022 for the solemn period of mourning following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing at 96. Will this trip to their UK homeland rip open old wounds further? Or could Harry finally earn his way back into his family’s good graces?

With his steadily dwindling pool of royal allies, the Duke of Sussex may not have many more chances to make nice. Does he have the guts to finally ditch his divisive, controversy-courting wife who’s torpedoed relations? For one of the most fascinating feuds in royal history, the whole world will be watching this visit like a hawk to see if any fences can actually be mended.



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