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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Goes VIRAL on Disney+, But Is Netflix SCARED?

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In a feat that will surprise few of her ardent fans, Taylor Swift has shattered Disney+’s streaming records with the release of her concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” However, the pop megastar’s streaming dominance pales in comparison to the juggernaut that is Netflix.

Within just three days of its debut on the streaming platform, Swift’s elaborate concert spectacle amassed a staggering 4.6 million views, according to Disney. Swifties and casual viewers alike consumed a monumental 16.2 million hours of the singer’s electrifying performance over the opening weekend.

Disney is reportedly keeping its finances closer to the vest than Swift guards her personal life, but industry insiders suggest the media giant paid an eye-watering sum “more than $75 million” to secure the streaming rights. This exorbitant price tag comes on top of the $261.7 million the film has already grossed theatrically, cementing it as the highest-grossing concert movie ever.

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For fans who caught the cinematic run but are still craving more, the Disney+ version boasts an expanded setlist. Alongside live renditions of smash hits like “Shake It Off” and “Look What You Made Me Do,” the streaming cut features additional fan favorites such as “Cardigan,” “Maroon,” and the wistful “You Are In Love.”

While the viewing statistics are undeniably impressive for a concert film, they pale in comparison to Netflix’s staggering numbers. In a sobering reality check, data analyst Kasey Moore pointed out on Twitter that the sci-fi flick “Damsel” racked up over 35 million views in its first three days on Netflix, utterly dwarfing Swift’s figures. “In fact, last week [The Eras Tour] would’ve sat fifth on the top 10 list alongside the Equalizer 3,” Moore added.

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So how does a widely acclaimed, critically adored concert experience get eclipsed by a B-movie that critics panned? The answer lies in Netflix’s sheer scale and audience reach. According to 2024 Nielsen data, Netflix commands a whopping 7.8% share of viewership on smart TVs and connected devices, over four times Disney+’s 1.9% slice.

This disparity underscores the vastly different audiences for a pop concert versus a mainstream movie. While “The Eras Tour” will undoubtedly continue racking up views from Swift’s rabid fanbase, its appeal is inherently limited compared to a general audience flick like “Damsel” with broader commercial prospects on Netflix’s global platform.

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Still, Disney is likely breathing a sigh of relief that its pricey Swift gambit is paying dividends. The concert film’s boffo opening salvo suggests that for the streaming giant’s purposes, the numbers will indeed continue climbing far beyond their “Wildest Dreams.”

For her part, Swift doesn’t seem bothered about platform wars. She’s focusing on her record-shattering Eras Tour, which resumes in Mexico City on April 27th after a brief break. And with a re-recorded album tentatively slated for late 2024, expect Swift’s hot streak to continue unabated across all platforms.

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