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Taylor’s Biggest Celeb Swiftie? Paul Rudd Steals the Show at ‘Eras Tour’

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In a turn of events that has left Swifties everywhere shook, it turns out that beloved actor Paul Rudd is an unabashed, full-blown Taylor Swift superfan. The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star opened up about his passion for the pop icon in a recent interview with MTV, spilling all the details about his experience attending Swift’s colossal Eras Tour.

Rudd, who has previously described himself as living life “like someone’s grandfather,” revealed that his 14-year-old daughter initially sparked his love for Taylor’s music. However, the 54-year-old actor made it clear that his Swiftie status goes far beyond just being a supportive dad.

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“I think she’s really very good, I think she’s great,” Rudd gushed, proving he’s not just a casual listener. The accomplished thespian even showcased his impressive knowledge of Swift’s discography, proudly singing along to hits like “Mastermind,” “Cruel Summer,” and “August” during the electrifying Eras Tour show he attended with his daughter in May.

But Rudd’s dedication to the Taylor Nation doesn’t stop there. Earlier this month, the Clueless star appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he raved about the overwhelming “support and love and positivity” he felt at the concert. “It was incredible and she did it all,” he enthused, clearly in awe of Swift’s commanding stage presence.

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As if that wasn’t enough to cement his place among the most high-profile Swifties, Rudd took his fandom to the next level by participating in the tour’s beloved friendship bracelet tradition. Photos surfaced on social media showing the beaming actor swapping bracelets with fellow concertgoers, fully embracing the spirit of the Eras Tour.

Rudd’s Taylor obsession even extends to her personal life, as he professed his admiration for the singer’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. “I’m a big fan of that team, and I have been my whole life,” the Missouri native shared. “Travis Kelce is the greatest guy.”

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With his unwavering love for both Taylor Swift and the Chiefs, Paul Rudd has undoubtedly solidified his status as a pop culture icon in his own right. Who knew the affable everyman had such a passionate, Swiftie side? Suddenly, we’re all feeling just a little bit cooler about our own Taylor obsessions.

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