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Why Did Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Split?

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Just when you thought Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s rollercoaster romance was smoothing out, the fabulous reality star has pulled the rip cord yet again on her relationship with Michael Jordan’s son.

In a baffling turn of events, sources reveal Pippen abruptly ended things with the 33-year-old after having second thoughts about the long-term viability of their courtship. This whiplash-inducing decision comes hot on the heels of the couple seemingly patching things up with a lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day reunion.

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“Larsa realized this relationship is just not the one for her after spending some more time apart, filming a new show,” an insider breathlessly confided to Entertainment Tonight. “She wants to move on and focus on improving her life.”

The 49-year-old bombshell isn’t just calling it quits, she’s making it abundantly clear her motivations and Marcus’ are no longer aligned. “They simply want different things out of life,” the source added, hardly dampening speculation that age and lifestyle differences drove this latest split.

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But don’t expect any scorched earth or bad blood between the former lovebirds. “They ended things amicably and could be friends in the future,” the insider shared, leaving a flicker of hope for a reconciliation.

Ultimately, Pippen seems intent on finding an equal partner who matches her ambition and hustle. “Larsa wants more out of her partner, someone who is motivated like her,” the source revealed.

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This whiplash-inducing split comes just weeks after Pippen and Jordan put breakup rumors to bed with an affectionate round of social media re-follows and PDAs. But the tempestuous pair has now reverted to unfollowing each other online amidst this latest romantic fizzle.

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