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Harry Waits for ‘Apology’ from William: Inside Their Royal Feud

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In a gut-wrenching confession that stunned the world, Kate Middleton revealed last Friday that she has been diagnosed with cancer, plunging the already-embattled British royal family into further turmoil and despair. The 41-year-old Princess of Wales pledged to fight the horrific disease with every fiber of her being, even as distressing questions swirled about the monarchy’s very future.

“I was recently diagnosed with cancer,” Kate said, her voice cracking with raw emotion in a solemn video message. “Like so many others, I have been forced to confront one of life’s cruelest challenges head-on. But with my loving family beside me, I am determined to meet this battle head-on and emerge victorious.”

The princess, the wife of heir-to-the-throne Prince William, did not disclose the specific type or stage of her cancer. However, the mere mention of the terrifying C-word sent shockwaves of panic and sadness throughout the United Kingdom and across the globe.

In a bitter irony, Kate’s cancer bombshell comes just weeks after her father-in-law King Charles III himself was also revealed to be privately battling the deadly disease. As the two most senior working members of the Royal Family undergo grueling treatment regimens, there are apocalyptic fears about the very future of the 1,000-year-old monarchy itself.

“With the King and the Princess of Wales both stricken by cancer, I deeply worry for the health and stability of the monarchy going forward,” wrote veteran royal journalist Alan Rusbridger. “What is the plan if more royals opt out of duties like Prince Harry?”

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Indeed, the terrifying dual cancer diagnoses have plunged the House of Windsor into its darkest chapter yet amidst years of bitter divorces, feuds, scandals and public relation crises. The bombshell revelations about Kate’s and Charles’ respective health crises are sure to add more furor to the already-raging firestorm.

In a particular sting, the Waleses did not even inform Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle of Kate’s illness before going public – further evidence of the deep divide. The embittered, outcast Sussexes only learned the shocking news through media reports like the rest of the world.

“Harry is absolutely furious – he’s demanding a full apology from his brother for this cruel misstep under already distressing circumstances,” a royal insider told The Times. “He reached out to William, only to receive an icy, dismissive response. It’s a brutal setback in their attempts at reconciliation as Harry desperately wants to be part of the process supporting his sister-in-law through treatment.”

The lack of communication and icy reception further festers the deep, lasting wounds between the once inseparable brothers in the wake of Megxit and the Sussexes’ myriad explosive allegations against The Firm. Despite pleas for a ceasefire amid two gravely concerning family health crises, bitterness and recrimination continue to reign, sources say.

For now, Kate is vowing to continue her busy schedule of royal engagements and public events for as long as her treatment will allow. The beloved princess has long been admired for her strength, resilience and deep sense of duty to the Crown and her charitable causes.

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“Kate is an absolutely remarkable woman – she makes a fantastic team with William and has handled every challenge thrown her way with unwavering poise and aplomb,” her brother-in-law Peter Phillips said. “If anyone can beat this, it’s her.”

The Princess of Wales will have to lean heavily on an inner circle of support that includes her indefatigable mother Carole Middleton, according to insiders. The stoic Carole is expected to become the indispensable driving force caring for Kate’s three young children – Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and rambunctious Prince Louis, 5.

“With everything going on, Carole has stepped up like never before to keep the family together and home-life as normal as possible for the kids,” a source revealed. “She’s the quiet hero making sure William can be by Kate’s side through this nightmare 24/7.”

If Kate’s resolve to keep up royal duties seems almost superhuman, it may be partly explained by the groundswell of public love and support she has received in the aftermath of her shocking diagnosis.

In the days following the heartbreaking video message, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram account exploded by over 500,000 new followers – the largest spike since they assumed their new titles last September. Worldwide Google searches for “Kate Middleton cancer” reached levels not seen in half a decade as people worldwide obsessively sought every new detail about her condition.

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At a literary event this week, Kate’s mother-in-law Queen Camilla obliquely referenced the family’s private turmoil, encouraging people to read daily “for invaluable benefits for brain health and mental wellbeing.”

As the royals put on a brave face for the public, behind palace walls they are grappling with terrifying worst-case scenarios about the very future of the monarchy should the cruel march of disease make more casualties. What succession plan could be implemented if the direct heirs are too ill? Could non-working royals like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie be Called to Service to shore up the beleaguered institution?

For her part, Kate remains stubbornly fixed on the present – preserving her duties, her family, and waging total war on her newly-arrived nemesis cancer. Her fighting spirit and tenacity have inspired a grieving nation, one that may yet have to brace for more turmoil and anguish in the days ahead.

“Kate is a true warrior – if her incredible bravery in this darkest hour is any indication, she has the strength to beat this beast,” said one palace aide. “But the battle hasn’t even begun. Godspeed, Princess – we’re all begging for your recovery and longevity. The monarchy may depend on it.”

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