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Real Housewives’ Leah McSweeney Opens Up About Her OnlyFans Journey

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The outspoken former star of The Real Housewives of New York City, Leah McSweeney, is once again making headlines – but this time, it’s for her shockingly successful stint on the adult platform OnlyFans. In a remarkably candid interview on the Sofia with an F podcast, the 41-year-old pulled no punches when dishing about the lucrative endeavor.

With her signature brash humor, McSweeney nonchalantly revealed that in just one week on OnlyFans, she out-earned her entire salary from an entire season of the hit Bravo reality show. “I’m making a sh*t ton of money, which is awesome,” she gleefully shared with host Sofia Franklyn.

While the mother of one acknowledged that her OnlyFans content skews towards the risque, she maintained it also showcases her distinctive witty persona. “It’s sexy stuff, but it’s also funny,” McSweeney explained of the x-rated subscription service where creators can post explicit photos and videos for a monthly fee.

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The fashion designer, who founded the edgy streetwear label Married to the Mob in 2004, seemed awestruck by the freedoms and financial windfalls OnlyFans has provided. “One week is more than one season [of RHONY],” she marveled, clearly relishing her profitability on the platform.

With a candor seldom seen from public figures, McSweeney lauded OnlyFans as a haven free from censorship, invasive ads, and nefarious algorithms that seed misinformation. “They don’t have negative algorithms pushing bullsh*t. I feel supported. I’m making money. I get to express myself,” she gushed. “It’s fun. I love it. I’m being creative on it. It’s dope.”

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The entrepreneur’s zeal for OnlyFans marks a stark contrast from her initially trepidatious views last fall when she launched her account. At the time, McSweeney admittedly felt uneasy, questioning “What are people gonna say?”

Those apprehensions have clearly dissolved as she’s grown comfortable proudly profiting from the platform, even brushing off scathing criticisms. “People thought my bootyhle was on it, and it wasn’t,” she laughed off one crude rumor about her content. “People thought…Leah’s selling pictures of her butthle for $5. I laughed at that so hard, though, because it’s not true.”

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McSweeney’s surprisingly progressive attitudes towards OnlyFans shed light on the shifting tides of online sex work’s mainstream acceptance. Her unabashedly raunchy career transition may raise eyebrows in traditionally conservative circles, but reflects an empowered feminist mindset —vbrave women capitalizing on the profitable opportunities of the digital age.

With her OnlyFans bag well and truly secured, the always outspoken McSweeney will undoubtedly continue leveraging her platform to uplift other entrepreneurial female voices. And for those critical of her x-rated endeavors? Well, they can expect her signature cutting clapbacks as she keeps cashing in, one seductive snapshot at a time.

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