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9-1-1’s Oliver Stark Shuts Down Buck’s Bisexual Haters

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LOS ANGELES – In a powerful show of solidarity, Oliver Stark, the actor who plays Evan “Buck” Buckley on the hit series 9-1-1, has spoken out in defense of his character’s recently revealed bisexuality. His statement comes in response to a wave of online criticism from a small contingent of viewers who took issue with Buck’s same-sex kiss in the show’s landmark 100th episode.

The pivotal moment, which aired on April 4th during the seventh season of the Fox-turned-ABC procedural drama, saw Buck share a passionate kiss with Tommy Kinnard, played by Louis Ferrigno Jr. This development marked a significant milestone in Buck’s character arc, confirming his bisexual identity after years of speculation and subtext from fans.

While the majority of viewers celebrated this long-awaited representation, a vocal minority voiced their disapproval, prompting Stark to address the situation head-on via his Instagram story. In an impassioned statement, the British actor left no ambiguity about his stance on the matter.

“I couldn’t be prouder of how things have turned out for Buck,” Stark declared, referring to his character’s emotional journey. His words carried a resounding embrace of the LGBTQ+ community and a firm rejection of the narrow-minded viewpoints that fueled the backlash.

Stark’s message was a poignant reminder of the show’s core values, which have consistently championed love, acceptance, and inclusion since its premiere in 2018. “If one character finding a new face to his sexuality and realizing his bisexuality is your deal-breaker, I fear you’ve missed the entire point of the show,” he asserted, underscoring the series’ commitment to diverse representation.

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The actor’s defense of Buck’s bisexuality extends far beyond a mere plot point; it serves as a powerful statement about the importance of authentic storytelling and the normalization of queer narratives in mainstream media.

For years, viewers have speculated about Buck’s sexuality, with many fans “shipping” – ardently supporting a romantic relationship between – Buck and his colleague Eddie Diaz, portrayed by Ryan Guzman. While this particular pairing may not have come to fruition, the writers’ decision to explore Buck’s bisexuality has resonated deeply with the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

“As a bisexual man, I don’t even know where to start. This means everything to me,” one fan commented on Stark’s Instagram post, their words a testament to the profound impact of positive representation. “Thank you for portraying and loving Buck the way you do. You’re going to do this so much justice, and it’s going to change television forever.”

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Another viewer echoed this sentiment, writing, “As a bisexual who has identified with Buck for over five years, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. Thank you, Mister Stark.”

These heartfelt responses underscore the significance of Buck’s bisexual storyline, which not only validates the experiences of countless LGBTQ+ individuals but also serves as a beacon of hope for those who have long yearned for authentic representation on screen.

Stark’s unwavering support for his character’s truth is a powerful rebuke to the narrow-minded attitudes that have historically perpetuated harmful stereotypes and marginalized queer narratives. By standing firm in the face of criticism, he has sent a resounding message that inclusivity and acceptance will always triumph over bigotry and hate.

In a world where LGBTQ+ representation in media still faces numerous barriers, the creative team behind 9-1-1 has taken a bold step forward, challenging long-held conventions and paving the way for more diverse and authentic storytelling.

As the series continues to explore Buck’s journey, viewers can expect a nuanced portrayal of bisexuality that eschews tired tropes and clichés. Stark himself has expressed a desire to tell “a lighthearted love story that happens to be a queer love story,” a sentiment that promises to deliver a refreshing and relatable narrative for audiences of all backgrounds.

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The impact of Buck’s bisexual storyline extends far beyond the confines of the show itself. By embracing this aspect of his character’s identity, 9-1-1 has joined the ranks of groundbreaking series that have challenged societal norms and pushed the boundaries of representation on television.

Just as iconic shows like Will & Grace and Pose paved the way for greater LGBTQ+ visibility in the past, 9-1-1’s commitment to authenticity and inclusivity will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of storytellers to follow suit, creating a more diverse and accepting landscape in the entertainment industry.

As the conversation around LGBTQ+ representation continues to evolve, Oliver Stark’s steadfast defense of Buck’s bisexuality serves as a powerful reminder that progress is not without its challenges. But for every voice of dissent, there are countless others who embrace diversity, celebrate love in all its forms, and champion the power of storytelling to inspire empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

In the end, Buck’s bisexual awakening is more than just a storyline; it is a victory for authenticity, a testament to the enduring power of representation, and a rallying cry for a more inclusive world, both on and off the screen.



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