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Chris Brown Takes Aim at Quavo in New Diss Track

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The long-simmering feud between Chris Brown and Quavo of Migos has reignited, with Brown firing blistering shots at the rapper on his latest musical offering. The deluxe edition of Brown’s album “11:11” contains a new track titled “Freak” where the controversial R&B star seems to take clear aim at his hip-hop rival.

The lyrics leave little doubt about the target of Brown’s ire. “F**king my old bitches ain’t gon’ make us equal,” he raps in an apparent reference to Quavo’s romantic involvement with Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Brown doesn’t mince words, going on to spit “Sipping that 1942 cause I don’t do no Cuervo (Quavo) / Freak bitch, she like Casamigos, not the Migos.”

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The bad blood between the two artists can be traced back to Quavo’s relationship with Tran in 2017, shortly after her messy split from Brown. While Quavo and Tran eventually went their separate ways, it appears Brown still harbors resentment over the situationship.

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Tensions flared again recently when Brown and Quavo were seated next to each other at a Paris Fashion Week show. Though some speculated it could lead to the two burying the hatchet, Brown quickly shut down such talk on social media. “Can’t pick who u sit by. F–k all that growth s–t. N—a not finna fumble my bag for little n—a,” he proclaimed.

With “Freak,” Brown has made it abundantly clear he has no interest in making peace with Quavo anytime soon. The blistering disses throw more gasoline on the long-simmering flames of their feud. Only time will tell if Quavo feels compelled to respond in kind on the mic.

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The track is part of the newly released deluxe edition of Brown’s “11:11” album, which dropped in late 2023. While packing in plenty of his trademark raunch and bravado, the album was met with mixed reviews from critics praising its ambition but knocking its lack of cohesion.



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